Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Birthday Party and giveaway winners

There was so much excitement as we started to gather for our Blog Birthday Party, we had all been in to have a look at the Sales Display and give a big thumbs up and thank you to the wonderful job of setting up that the Thursday night girls had done.

And what do you think Janet is smilingly casting her eye over?
Why this luscious cream sponge of course, complete with sparkler.

 As luck would have it, there was quite a stiff breeze blowing yesterday, making lighting that sparkler quite the challenge.

Lorraine and Sheila, snaffled the sparkler and used the building as a windbreak, and success was theirs.
There was much singing, of happy birthday, and then a resounding rendition of 'for he's a jolly good fellow', words slightly changed to 'she' and 'blogger' was a bit overwhelming actually...........but greatly appreciated.  Thank you Sheila and everyone there yesterday for your very kind words of support, but really, our blog is only a success because of the fantastically talented work that you girls do.

Lorraine then kindly cut the cake into pieces for us all to tuck into, and Sheila and Patricia, poured us tea and coffee and just generally worked hard at making the day a wonderful success.

And so home to await 5 o'clock and have a go at the random number generator. 
It worked beautifully, I took a pic of each and every winners number but folks, I hope you will forgive me, I'm just loading the one, after all, with all those lovely goodies to drool over on yesterdays post, who wants to scroll down past 12 pics of basically the same without further ado............the first prize winner is................

the 16th comment from Joy of Joypatch, a Gum Tree!, Joy was one of the apron winners just recently. Wow again!...............oooh I can see giveaways being addictive!

The other winners are ..........................
first commenter - Theresa from Theresa's Blog - no posts there, perhaps a private blog?

Jennifer (Wombat collector extrodinaire) from Bronze Wombat

Loralyn from My Art, My So Called Life, who has the funniest thanksgiving joke on her blog, thanks Loralyn you made my day.

arlette from rincon de arlette who has the cutest little quilt of ginger jars on her blog

Gloria JW from Airdmillan Ayring the Quilts and things Gloria has a really amusing story of her first quilt on her blog........such a laugh, making those awful mistakes we all make when first taking off into the quilting world.

Wendy B from Sugarlane Quilts.  I've been following Wendys blog for a little while now, she has the most amazing pic of a sugar cane fire as her blog banner.

Dianne from Dinky Di Quilting & Craft who grows amazing vegies, the pics are mouthwatering.  BUT, the big thing to go see on Dianne's blog, scroll down past the reno's, past the vegies to an amazing contraption for sandwiching quilts, her friend Robyn is the proud owner..........go floor crawlers here.

Wendy...........a non bloging member of the cottage.............hey Wendy, don't need your snail mail

Vicki from Tozz's Corner Vicki is another of the Gum Tree designers and among other things, has been working on the Breast of Friends BOM in Homespun..............go check out the knots, squillions of 'em.......very pretty, but wow, knots galore!

Betty and Wendy won 2 giveaway prizes at the Birthday Party yesterday, making a total of 12 give-aways............yeah.........the same Wendy that won via e-mail above..........some people are just lucky like that.

So there you go folks, send me your snail mail addy and next week goodies will be winging their way to your door.......

Well folks its 6a.m., gotta be at the Cottage by 7, looking forward to the start of the Fair Fun.  Its been great being part of this celebration and giveaway.  Thanks to all for your know who you are.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Fair Goodies.........

..........for you to view, drool  or even sigh over ..........just a sprinkling of the lovelies available tomorow and Sunday.

Judy was so funny, look at how oblivious she is to all around her, she marched straight in and up to the table and said, " This table, I had nightmares all night"................funny thing was, a couple of the set up girls knew exactly what she was saying!

The only long shot of the room, there are soo many goodies, and here's the secret, there is still a little stuff in boxes under the tables, not a lot mind, but a little.

There are cushions, wall hangings, stockings that have taken a step away from the traditional,
Aprons galore, table runners and strangely enough even quilts,.... smile...

Just had to show you a close up of this stocking, the Santa print was given to Sheila, who created the rest of the stocking, but just look at that row of tiny little red bells, a fancy stitch on her new machine!

Not sure why, but this pic will not load on large, but isn't the quilt stunning?  Lots of goodies on the table below the quilt, including the cutest little string of fabric where did that close up go??

There it is, a lovely string of apples, held aloft by two happy volunteers.

There are even the cutest little dress-up skirts, fairy? ballerina?

Stunning colours in this quilt, its hanging right by the entry, you know the place, yeah right there where there is no light, and no room to step back for a good shot, 'spose on reflection, I could have stood in the cupboard....oh well, maybe next time.

Judy and Lorraine, shopping for a new bag, these girls will know exactly where to head as soon as the doors open - gotta be some benefits to being a helper.

Machine Embroidery girls were justifiably proud of their new banner.

Need a new peg bag? this is just the ticket.  Patricia from Patchwork makes a peg bag or two every year, although a couple of years ago, she missed making the bags, you have no idea the disappointment!, one lady almost wept, no peg bag, she gets a new one every year!

Marcia was told by the, not me, the other photographer to either smile or say 'sex', well that was a silly thing to say, she couldn't keep a straight face from that moment on.

  A collage of three of the really pretty sections of Marcia's quilt.  I always find it hard to take a pic of an all white or cream quilt.  The collage shows more of the beautiful details

The most beautiful light summer nighties from some of the Needlework ladies, so romantic.  The nighties, really can't say about the ladies, they would bean me if I made that kind of comment!

More needlework, a beautifully embroidered brush, the cutest hangers, these hangers are a must for any slippery top, cardigan or dare I say it 'ball gown' you remember ball gowns?? gosh I had a couple or two or.......yeah, I know, really showing my age.

Beautifully embroidered potpouri bags, journals, tissue covers, journals, and jewelery pouches.  You name it these girls have got it for sale.

Lorraine spotted these hair slides and ties and very kindly modeled one for me. Cute as buttons, the little girls will love therm.

Dorothy had just finished setting up the Spinners and Weavers display and kindly let me take some pics of their beautiful work, that shawl on the stand at the back is as light as a cobweb, and beautifully soft.  Wonderful wearables and some of the lovliest little toys for the youngest set.

Another so soft shawl, more toys - Koalas seem to be the toy of the day but check out the Nativity Dolls! Wow! Fantastic.

And lastly a pic of Sheila, wearing her apron, she made the cupcakes for Sapho's quilt and ended up not using them.........what to do with 3 delish cup cakes? pop them on a pocket and onto an apron of course.

Sheila worked very hard to make our blog party such a success this morning, with the help of Patricia they served us all our cuppas  while we gobbled up beautiful cream sponge washed down by tea - or for some was a wonderful morning and a terrific celebration with some giveaways for the non bloggers of our group.  I will post pics of the party with the winners of the Blog Birthday Giveaway tomorrow....just gotta go see if I can make that random number thingy work now... wish me luck!

Thank you Sheila for a wonderful morning.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas Fair..........the excitement has begun........

Yesterday was the beginning of signing in the Christmas goodies for sale, managed to snap a few pics of the early arrivals, the tiniest little dolls quilt by Ja` beautifully vibrant stuffed trees - from Ailsa?, a fab floral tote from Janet,

Appliqued tea towels and the cutest little girls quilt, covered diaries, and a wall hanging with one of those 'stop and think' quotes of looking just like your Mother after all.........oh dear. All lovely work from Lola.

We were all given 2 fatties from the group to use to create a sale item for the Fair.  Janet created this really lovely Christmas wall hanging.

Val created a wall hanging with Santa, and Angel and a little bunny peeking  from behind Santa. Too cute.

Will be able to post more pics after set up tomorow, see ya then!

The giveaway will end tomorow at 5p.m. our time, will post the winners Friday evening.
Don't miss out, just leave a comment to be in the drawing.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Birthday Giveaway and the Christmas Fair

We have some lovely prizes to give away to some lucky readers, so do join in the fun. 

If you are having trouble or are unable to leave a comment, just send an e-mail to buderim dot patchwork @gmail dot com and I will transfer your comment to the blog. Oh and the word dot means a full stop, can't be putting addresses out there can we now?   all that spam!..........don't ask how I know........

Cottage members are all busily putting the finishing touches to the items available for sale and finalising plans for the Christmas Fair this weekend, with 13 Groups our Fair is a huge affair, with visitors coming from near and far to snaffle a goodie or two or ten.  There are also various crafters and stall holders in the Memorial Hall next door and more stalls on the front lawn and the lawns between the Hall and the Cottage, Huge!, just Huge!

For a  look at the type of things offered for Sale at the Cottage, go to our first post and just scroll down
Hope to see you at the Fair!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Our Birthday Celebrations Begin.....

We are all so excited, we are running our Birthday Celebration Giveaway for a week, from now 12.36a.m.  - yeah, I know, I missed the start off, was supposed to be nice and neat, 12.00...........oh well, from now, on  Friday 20th November until 11.00p.m. Friday 27th, our actual Birthday.
Now why are we running our celebrations for a week? well we really want to give everyone a chance to enter and win one of our great prizes, there will be some of these,....

Mini Project Patterns with all that you will need to complete the project,


There are 10, yes 10 of the Sue Andrew Patterns with Charm Packs of 4" squares to get you going on the project.  Sue wrote the patterns for her 4" Charm Packs.

There are various bibs and bobs such as these fabric pretties, there is this terrific tea towel, curtesy of Pam, and other little fabric packs in all guises

and then of course there are gee gaws, gadgets and gizmos, all to be packed up into little bundles and posted off to the lucky winners.

There will be 12prizes in all, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on the blog.
We will be using the Random Number Generator to pick the winners, if however, I manage not to be able to get the generator to work - all things are possible in my world - Your names will be put into something pink and pretty - possibly, if there are lots of names, a pink pudding basin, well, it is pink! otherwise it will be a little pink jug, and it is a little pink jug, so please send a comment, how embarrasement to have to use a little pink jug, it would only take two names...........oh, yes, and Sheila, our group leader will select the winners.

One of our members tried to leave a comment on the last giveaway and was unable, now I know that can happen, but I don't know as an extra there is an e-mail address that you can send your comments to, and if possible your comments will then be posted to the blog.  The email address is buderim dot patchwork @gmail dot com.

So Good Luck to everyone, I hope you all enjoy the fun!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The first Row x Row sandwiched and our Birthday Giveaways

Lorraine H, leader of the Thursday night group was busily sandwiching her Row x Row  at yesterdays meeting, making full use of the clamps we recently purchased.

 Just an aside for those who are not locals, that sepia print behind the tables, that is a print of a sketch of the original home of  Buderim Craft Cottage..........its rather an interesting story of the birth and growth of the 'Cottage' as it's affectionally called, will have to fill you in one day.

'Scuze the digression, the clamps are easy to use with a squeeze closed action

To open just squeeze the release trigger under the top handle as Lorraine is doing in this pic.

As you can see the clamps open pretty wide, certainly wider than needed to use with the quilt pinning tables, all we need now is to have the tables raised to make pinning easier.

  The clamps are in our Library, and are not only for use at the cottage, but can also be loaned out for a week.

Lorraine kindly folded back her sandwich to show the plastic table top, no more pins digging into the tables, and how about that backing, isn't it the cutest, Lorraine got it from Hancocks..........on a freight free promotion!...........ya gotta love Hancocks!

No Show and Tell yesterday, the Christmas Fair is on next weekend, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th November, everyone is just taking a breather or hurridly putting in the last stitches of just one more goodie for sale.  If you are in our neck of the woods, do pop in and say Hi, we would love to meet you 'in the flesh'.

Oh yes, almost forgot.................Our giveaway starts tomorrow and will run until the following Friday, the 27th, our official birthday, we are giving ourselves a birthday party at the cottage on Friday morning, with cake and all, yum.

Wow, you should see the goodies I have sitting on my desk, all for you lucky readers, there are patterns, patterns with hand dyed charm packs to start you off, mini project patterns with everything you need to complete it, oh and a few other things as well..........can't tell you everything now can I,

Will let you know the 'rules' of how to enter tomorrow....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Row x Row Reveal for Thursday night girls

Another wonderful bundle (well several actually) of lusciousness to drool over made their appearance with the last group's row x row reveal.  The Thursday nighters had 9 participants in their row x row, hence the later reveal date.
 The night started off with Marleene and Lorraine scooting the screens from storage into the Atrium and pinning up each flimsey to be, Marleen had them all sorted and arranged in order to cut down on time and she quickly got down to work.

It was a bit of a different story with Lorraine though, she just couldn't help herself, picking up her bag, and trying to sneak little peaks, Marlene gave it up and let her pin her own reveal, 

I can tell you there was some excitement in that Atrium............and it was catching, just ask any of the arriving Botanical Gardens members.

Finally all the rows were pinned, and the girls allowed in to find and admire their Row x Rows, there were such gasps of delight and much ooohhing and aaahing but one comment came over loud and clear.  'Yes, I like that!', it was a sentiment echoed around the room.
 Di was more than delighted with her rows, they are to be a wall hanging in her sewing room, her own row at the top says it all, 'I love sewing,'

A closer look at that cute embroidered sewing machine and the Teddy.

Jenny started her rows off with appliqued teapots for a high tea theme, her last row of hearts has the sweetest little stitchery as a center pannel.

Just had to show you those cup cakes, they had Jenny rubbing her tummy they look so yummy.


Maureene, started her rows off with a traditional floral design appliqued across the width of the row, the theme was continued througout,  with the last row being a lovely vine with heart shaped leaves and these rather beautiful fussy cut flowers with the vine spilling over onto the tiled side blocks.


Jane B chose an interesting pointed pattern to applique across her row, at first glance almost a Grandma's Flower Garden, but coming to points in the center instead of the traditional hexagon shapes. The flower row used the traditional Grandmas Garden along a vine, the shape of the leaves being echoed in the 9 Patch blocks on the next row.


Letitia,  started her rows with beautiful angels on the wing, her second row is the cutest flowers using suffolk puffs and buttons with a beautiful sentiment stitched among the blooms.


Jane wanted a quilt to celebrate her Daughters 21st Birthday Party, Jane had used a blue and silver colour scheme with the theme of 'Masquerade'  for her Daughters party, and asked for it to be repeated in her rows.
A note book was supplied for the girls to record their thoughts and design elements as they went, a wonderful idea that everyone took full advantage of.
 Lorraine's entry and sketches

 Debby went full on for her page in the book. 

Chatting of Debby, she wasn't able to make it to the reveal, but here she is at the Breast Cancer Fundraiser.

  and here is Debby's lovely lemon row x row.


More Suffolk Puffs in the flower boxes, cared for by Teddies holding hearts.

There was a great deal of merriment around June's quilt, with many a story, but the one that stood out was of a Christmas party game, where you were able to lay claim to anothers present, a piece of fabric, June really wanted one particular piece and managed to pounce on it early on in the game, but got claimed.......but then, sneakily, Marleen re-claimed it as her turn at the end of day and gave it to June, all's well that ends well, June put the piece to good use in her row,

here they are, having a good laugh over the memory

Marleen then told us about getting inspiration from one of the girls in the Wednesday Row x Row to fussy cut a picture for the center of her star row that she did for June.
Marleen didn't do a row x row as such, she was backup for anyone who was away on hols and did several of the rows.
The row above the stars, is a 9 Patch row, how cleverly disguised, look carefull and you will see the huts are the 9 patch!
June was very excited about her rows, wouldn't mind betting the quilt is just about done by now!.


And of course some one has to be last, sorry Lorraine, you did a beautiful job of pinning your rows up, wonder if that will be the finished layout?.  Lorraine's own row is the row running vertically down the side of the screen.

A closer look at one of Lorraines rows, how neat are those tiny 1" squares on point.
Hope you all enjoyed looking at these wonderful quilts to be, cant't wait to see them all finished next year.
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