Monday, August 25, 2014

Wednesday Lovlies...

...yep, lovely quilts created by lovely ladies.  Am I suffering quilt group withdrawals?  again yep! and for those who have sent 'well wishes' e-mails and phoned.  The little man has hit 1kilo and 1 month.  We are happy and so very grateful in this neck of the woods.
On with the goodies...
Thank you again Lainey for the pics and words that make this update possible. 

Gwen hand quilted this beauty that had been made by an old friend

Stella’s quilt from last week is back from the Quilting Fairy. Looking good. All she has to do now is bind and label it. As we know it isn’t a finished quilt without a label.

Val did a workshop many years ago by Margaret Kirby from Logan Patchwork. This fabric and pattern has been sitting in Val’s orphanage since then just waiting to be let out. The pattern is the same but the look is completely different with the change of colours.

Val also found some left over fossil fern fabric and constructed this gorgeous quilt.
(I really must get an invitation to visit this orphanage of hers. The orphan blocks and fabrics must take up half of her house!) - Lainey.

Marie has been playing with zentangles. She made this lovely table runner just to give it a go.
A closer view of Marie's lovely work.

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