Thursday, February 18, 2010

An enthusiasm for Crazy Patchwork builds and a disaster......

firstly - the disaster, something that I worry about happening, did happen, there were some lovely items on the show and tell table yesterday,  I got called away while Sheila was showing them and their creators were telling their stories,......I usually don't fret too much when that happens, I get the low down from the creator when I take the pics - but yesterday,... dare I confess? - (in a bit of a whisper)....."I didn't take a pic".  Can you believe it?
I am still reeling.
So here, with apologies, are a couple of  cropped pics of some really beautiful work that I will hopefully be able to update next week.
A beautiful and beautifully stitched tapestry cushion, and just behind it, a casserole carrier, I saw that beauty being shown by Sheila and I can tell you it is just the ant's pants, large enough for a decent sized casserole or lasagne dish, stout wooden handles and well padded, I shall be keeping my eyes peeled at the next fair for one of these beauties, or maybe a commission?? ----
And these two lovely Jewellery rolls, I didn't even see them laid out......but the colours are magnificient, just calling to you to have a little pat and a pet.

Jenny, from the Thursday Evening group has agreed to be the Judge of our Lyn Ballinger Challenge this year, 
and for some of us the challenge is going to live up to it's name, just cast your peepers over this little bombshell on the side!... in particular that bottom Patchwork Cottons .....eeeek.

Thank goodness Sheila organised a little treasure bag of laces and goodies for us as our Christmas Gift.

Jenny very kindly agreed to come along to our meeting to give us a bit of a heads up on just what is involved in Crazy Patchwork, now unless you have really looked into Crazy Patchwork it could leave you a little cold.........but after yesterday not even a tinsy nip was to be felt, everyone is totally enthused, Jenny explained her method of Crazy Patch and had many samples of her wonderful work,as well as some examples of her students work, and on top of that, patterns that Jenny teaches down at Patchwork Angel, in particular the cutest little box. Just gorgeous, give the girls at the Angel a tingle to join Jenny in a class.

Janice getting a few pointers from Jenny on her 4 square throw, sashed with black velvet, this sumptuous piece seemed to be the most popular piece on show.
with an abundance of ribbons, buttons, beads and the most intricate embroidery  you can spend ages drooling over each block........don't ask how I know......the tinsy cupids aiming their arrows at the tiny gold heart, the spider and her web, and the curiosity of what story is behind this piece with the olympic rings embroidered on one square.

The black fringe and the myriad of textured fabrics give this throw a feeling of luxury, Jenny wanted it to reflect some of the colours and memories of South Africa, and I think she has certainly succeeded.

Jenny had quite a pile of blocks, a WIP of outstanding proportions, how beautifully embroidered they all are.

More of Jenny's goodies, how special would you feel, off to a special event with this evening bag
 and a cuter than cute work basket, full of goodies for Crazy Patch.

As we arrived yesterday, Sheila gave each member a number, well, we knew we were in for a treat, and what a surprising and generous treat it was. 
Meg, who you will surely remember, makes the most divine silk bags, bought along a box full of her hand dyed silks as a gift for us and also gave us a few pointers on using and stitching silk.
Just look at that box full of the most vibrant through to the most beautifully subtle shaded silks.  Can you imagine the ooohs and ahhs as each number was called and the silks were turned over.......not to mention the gasped prayers of  'oh gosh, please leave that, it would be perfect'. There is lots of sharing and trading, and groups getting together to see just what we really do have in our stashes.  Thank you Meg for being so generous and sharing with us.

It certainly was a day for the opulent, Janette bought along a quilt that has been 3 years in the making, a house warming for one of her Sons.  Janette, with Janet as helper, smiled beautifully in this pic, can't you see them? just behind the quilt, standing on chairs to show of the quilt in all it's glory........what we do for our passion!
and now you see why they stood on chairs for us, otherwise we would have missed out on the top of a fabulous applique quilt.  Janette machine quilted this beauty herself, and I don't believe the grin behind the quilt could have been any bigger than this smile of justifiable pride.

Julie gathered these fabrics at a Brisbane Craft show last year with a quilt in mind for her Niece's new baby to be, on turning to leave the booth she then spied the quilt pattern........and so one very lucky little miss has a lovely new quilt.......mind you, this is the second quilt that the little great niece has received from her great Aunty
a collage of some of the animals that Julie has stitched into the white on white spotted squares in her great Niece's quilt.
Remember those cute teddies and the nine patches from last week, well Betty decided to use some of her Japanese fabrics as hearts for their tummies, aren't they so cute?
These little bears are going to make the loveliest quilt for one of the younger set, Betty is using a Country Cupboard Designs pattern
and just look at the cute little tote that comes with the pattern, wouldn't a little girl just love that for a gift.
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