Thursday, September 16, 2010

Great Demo from Beryl, lots of Quilty Goodies and one very lucky Grandie

Some time ago, Beryl bought in a rather innovative and reversible QAYG table runner.
Today she gave us a demo on how to create our own, below Beryl is demonstrating the stitch and flip method she used for the QAYG blocks, which then have a quarter circle cut from one corner to create the runner design.
 Some closer views of the runner, as the background and two pics of the blocks. Perfect project to use up some of those left over strips.

Some of the Machine Embroidery girls have been mucking about with a couple of rather inventive templates, Marie used the small template to make blocks for the front and back panels on a carry bag she has created.  The bag is to house the cute little sewing machine she has bought for her 6 yr. old Granddaughter, there are also pockets on the bag's inside, for extra storage.

The machine has a press button start/stop function, runs on batteries, and also has a foot controll. Perfect for a little sewer to be.  Marie has also added a sewing notions carousel with lots of threads and gizmos for her lucky little Grandie.

Christine has finished her beautiful pink and mossy green tessellated quilt and bought it along to share with us.
Colour co-ordinated for the showing in her pink T - how often does that happen?, lots I can tell you!

Catti has also finished her version, adding an extra border with tessellations in the cornerstones.

We are all making fabric 'leaves', these are some of Catti's...........why leaves? well that little secret will be shared with you next year!, yep a project in the making.

Marcia has a new project in the offing, this little lady was part of a recent wedding and Marcia had her Darling copy the piccie onto a pre-treated fabric sheet, the plan being Marcia will do some of her lovely stitching and then give the finished embroidery to the little one's Mum.  Hope we get to see the finished article.
Marguerite spied this lovely bright bag, with all it's felted flowers and leaves, while holding it up for a pic and to find out who it belonged to - It's another one of Marcia's - Guess who flew by behind her.....
Yep, Lorraine, she is back from the U.S. and will be with us for some weeks before decamping to live in Tassie, we all hope she will be coming back for visits, and we already have plans to go visit for a quilting retreat.....v.e.g. (remember those pics of her Tassie holiday home??!!)
Marcia has almost finished her stitchery, just these two to go and then it will be assembly, Leanne, Put those Puppies down and get stitchin' girl!...yeah! we know, 9 weeks and not a needle touched!   (Gee don'tch just hate a dobber!)
On her way out the door at end of day, Wendy spied Catti with another bag, made from 2 tea towels she told us, Wendy was very taken with the little fans.  Cute as...
Sadly, arvo tea was just about over by the time I made it to the table, so much talkin' (read gosspiping) to catch up on, after all, it's been a week!
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