Saturday, July 25, 2009

O.K., Show is over, time to get a move on for Christmas.

This was the sight that greeted you on arrival at the cottage Wednesday after the quilt show, new projects to be researched and inspiration to be culled from our rather excellent library.
Some were busily stitching already, although someone, who will remain nameless - yep there was a promise of pain if she was named managed to have two threads and two needles on the go at the same time, bit of an oopsie there, but she soon sorted it out.
Then there was the big announcement of the Winner of the Lyn Ballinger Challenge Viewers Choice and presentation of the trophy, and prize voucher. But why was Shiela whispering, not so secretly, to Ailsa?, well that stayed a secret, neither would fess up.
and they certainly thought it was a good secret, we weren't to know the joke until next Wednesday as it happened.
As Heather had been away, lolling around on Frazer Island and just generally having a good time with family and friends, the presentation of her Best of Show prize was made this Wednesday, and now we found out the Sheila / Ailsa joke of last week, the prize envelope was empty!!.
Proof positive of what a good sport Ailsa is.

Heather is telling us an amazing story of Judy's commitment to quilting her quilt. The lady had just pinned Blue and Gold Beauty to the quilting machine and was rushed off to hospital for an operation, she was barely out of the sick bed when she started quilting, Heather was shocked! but as Judy explained 'Beauty' was her therapy, what an uplifting story.
Sometime ago, there was a 'B' challenge, make a small pictorial block with as many 'B' items in it as possible, the blocks were given back to the makers today and just for fun I thought you might like to see how many 'B's' you can see.

Sue and her friends are off on a Red Hat Lady excursion in the near future, these cuties are to be part of their outfits, bet they have a whale of a time.
This lady popped in to collect the Lyn Ballinger Challenge Bag that she was lucky enough to win.
And at the end of the day, a special afternoon tea, your scribe had a big birthday, one of those that ends in an 0. Thank you all for a wonderful day and especially to Marguerite for organising the tea. I was rather overcome by it all.
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