Wednesday, August 17, 2016

PIA, our new word...

Yep, over the W.I.P, the U.F.O. etc, Wendy has coined a new anacronym, PIA for Project/s In Action, she refuses to have a U.F.O, reckons that makes a project sound so unloved, whereas it may just be that it has slid down the slope, been overtaken, by the list of 'most pressing', 'most popular', 'prettiest' etc list, so PIA it is!
So, do you have a long list of P.I.A.'s?

Jane isn't fessing up to a long list of P.I.A.'s but she certainly is fessing up to 'too much stuff in my sewing space'. Eyeing off a rather largish stack of wools of all hues she decided to knit a knee rug, rather a large one, needing circular needles. Being rather pleased with the result she sailed forth and in the space of 7 weeks, created a total of 6 knee rugs, of all sizes, the latest one being the 7" squares she is holding in the pic below.
Jane bought along her 'squares' rug for a little advice on backing, she is off to colder climes in the near future and wanted some extra warmth. Of all the knee rugs she is keeping the squares, the others have zoomed off all over the world.

Val created two more charity quilts,
This one certainly drew its compliment of 'ohh's and 'ahh's
and this lovely all in greens and purples, a strip pieced Q.A.Y.G.

Gwen has finished her 'I Spy' version and bought it along to share, using a variation of Attic Windows with a little twist.

Lastly, if you are in our neck of the woods on Saturday 27th August, pop into our Atrium Open Day, promises to be as much fun as previous years.
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