Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wonderful Chrissy Pressie Ideas and Inspiration

Just had to grab a coffee to settle the dust and of course have a little browse on the web as I sip. Checked out Creative Studio, and Judith has a post on Handmade Gifts for Men, she has a whole pile of wonderful ideas and there are many more in the comments left by others. Worth checking out. Just click on the Creative Studio button in the sidebar and enjoy, back to the dusting.

Dusty Day

Welcome back Sheila from a lovely holiday. The pics of the family shows a great time was had by all, those Grandies surely are just the cutest.

Our meeting was a little unsettled, the smell of dust was heavy in the air, there are excavations in the school grounds just across the road that we watched as we enjoyed our various lunches outside on the patio.

Shortly after lunch the pile driving started, that rhythmical pounding of pylons into the earth is enough to put anyone off their stroke, in fact I swear that some people were taking little jerky stitches in perfect timing with the pounding of that pile driver.

The smell of the dust was increasing and we still put it down to the excavations, never dreaming that the dust storm we had seen on tellie in the morning had arrived to bless us with a fine powdery coating of red, but as the afternoon wore on and the light turned orange it all became just too clear that the dust storm had arrived.

Val bought in her flimsy with a couple of variation blocks to show us. This is the workshop that Val will be leading us through next week, showing us just how she created this lovely small quilt.
Her flimsy usesJapanese prints but as you can see from the variation blocks, Kiddies prints or Brights would work equally well, as would any of your fave prints.
Val will be using her copy of the Christine Porter book, Tessellation Quilts, our copies have not yet arrived.
I ordered them from
Amazon has new shipping rates and talk about sticker shock! ouch!
Book Depository are more expensive per book but the free shipping makes up for it and brings them down to the cheapest place I could find anywhere to purchase books.
Insertion: At 10a.m. The Book Depository Website is not working, so let it go for a little bit and I'm sure it will be working soon. A.
Some time back, Janet made the most lovely crazy patch Jacket, but as it is quilted she found it was just too hot for our climate. Last week she took the sleeves out and converted it into this lovely vest.
Here, she is explaining where her new bag will come from............yep.......she is going to use the sleeves to make a bag to go with the vest - and if there is any left over she will make a hat and if there is any left over she will make mittens. Not one to waste the beautiful things in life is our clever girl.
The saucy mannequin pose.......Ohh la la, Janet!
And of course the view of the back of the jacket. Beautiful work.
And this is the view from the back of the Cottage car park looking over the escarpment down to the housing estate below.
There are areas in Australia that had it worse than us, but personally, having gone through Mallee dust storms, my heart sank when I saw that red dust coming in on a Northerly wind, knowing that I had left the north facing windows open to keep the house cool.
Everything has a fine talcum like dusting of red. No sewing today folks. See ya.
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