Sunday, November 4, 2018

A delightful table runner...

...perfect for entertaining the gals for morning or afternoon tea was shared with us by Jackie. A simple construction using one of those fabrics that you just cannot bear to cut into tiny bits.
blue teapots of all shapes & sizes.
bordered and simply quilted with flowing lines, perfect for a tea pot design.

Just a couple of weeks back, Wendy gave us a mini tutorial on foundation paper piecing by machine. She was just starting out on this quilt journey.
Yep, you read right, just a couple of weeks back, prolific and talented are the words that spring to mind.
The assembled blocks are large but made up of many smaller shapes. The white dotted line gives you an idea of one block. Wendy found the original quilt on 'The Quilt Show' with Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms, but she made some block changes as her fabric choices in the original blocks just didn't float her boat, and isn't that what quilting is all about? personal preference and mind changing?

Marcia is busily beading this beauty, a wall hanging that will be offered for sale at our upcoming Christmas Fair. Lots and lots of sequins and tiny beads.

The Gympie Rotary Quilt and Craft Spectular is on this weekend and a group of us motored up for a fun day of soaking up the inspiration, the journey was a delight, we took the scenic route at the beginning and the end of our trip, no, we didn't get lost on the way to Nambour, just took the scenic route is all, two different routes already! talk about laugh!

First stop was in the shed for 'Authentic Old Trades and Household Craft', a facinating look into many crafts including a great exhibition of old time bee keeping equipment and a lovely potter who explained her work and demonstrated some of her moulding techniques.
Marie, spotted this old truck, beautifully restored, home deliveries from bygone days.

Kim from Kimz Sewing and Patchwork center was there, but was also spotted beavering away, helping out a friend who was having a huge (closing down?) sale, and Penny and her Darling were there with the much talked about William Morris Quilt made with modern vibrant fabrics. The idea was to get all the info from Penny but people were 3 deep around the booth so not a lot of chat time, Do not know if this is the actual case but was told that a customer made the quilt, took it into Patchwork Angel for Penny to display. It certainly has the William Morris fans interest piqued.
Visit Patchwork Angel here to contact the Angel for details on the quilt.

Loads of quilts of all sizes and styles, Wendy had a lovely medallion quilt for display and sale and Fiona also entered her award winning quilt.
sorry...the only pic is this triptych style of Uluru, an award winning stunner.
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