Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How old are these beautiful table cloths?

the work is exquisite, bought in by Gwen for Chantell (Show and Tell), they were made by her Grandmother, and as Gwen's Mum would have been 110 yrs old this year these beautiful cloths could be into the latter half of 100 years old.
The cloths were worked by Gwen's much loved Grandmother, to match various tea and dinner sets that she had in her home 'Inverness House' in Bexley.

One cloth was made to match part of a dinner set that was made for a visit by Prince George, Duke of Kent, who unfortunately died in a plane crash in 1942 which of course cancelled the visit. As it does.

This is just the cutest, a pillow cushion made by Sheila for the Easter Fair, she's so busy with group business that she stitched half of one eye last week and the other half this week, , as Ailsa pointed out, so far puss doesn't drink and doesn't smell, sounds like a perfect pet to me!

Working away in the background on a beautiful piece of silk fabric with appliqued vibrant silk patches is Meg.
Meg will be turning this created fabric into a bag, hope it makes it to the Easter Fair, I'm starting work early .... (very big evil grin).
Meg told us the story of this fabric, quite a number of years ago, at a store that Meg frequented someone came into the store with a cup of coffee and managed to spill the coffee over the roll of silk fabric, after dry cleaning there was apparently still a little shadow of coffee, so Meg scored about 10 - 12 meters of beautiful silk. Lucky Girl Meg.

Last week we saw Sadie and Maureen sandwiching a quilt for one of Sadies Grandies, here is the proud Grandma and the finished quilt.

Well done Sadie!
And what's this I here you say, some of last weeks piccies? no no no, this is Sadie and Maureen sandwiching a second quilt this afternoon. Yep, it's for another of Sadies Grandies.
A long table view and no doubt we will see the finished quilt next week.

Janette will be off having fun at a family re-union at Easter and so has donated this lovely wall hanging of a Japanese Geisha for our Easter Fair.
Janet took the sandwich with her to while away the wait time for a recent day surgery procedure, the wait was a whole lot longer than Janette was banking on so most of the quilting was done in hospital.
The Geisha doesn't show up too well in the top pic, so a little faffing around with Picasa and presto, a much better view - Don't you just love Picasa!

How stunning is this, Barbara (of the nine patch r x r - for those of you who read my blog) saw this great idea in a patchwork magazine, they are her mothers doilies, all worked by Mum about 80 years ago.
Barbara plans on giving this to her daughter, no special occasion, as Barbara says, 'out of my cupboards to hers.'
This stunning quilt, another of Barbara's, started off as stitcheries done with a friend some years back, in fact Barbara remembers that it was a pattern but cannot remember who's or even just how long ago.
A close up of the 'girl sleeping' block
The central panel of park gates
This block is named the 'bird watching chair'.

There are more pics of wonderful quilts, but the Darling is making tummy rumbling noises, so off to feed my Hero. Will post the remainder tomorrow and believe me they are worth waiting for. Stunning purple quilt and the cutest softest little baby quilt
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