Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Finally Finished U.F.O's, and a promised finish

Jackie was just so close to a finally finished U.F.O. she reckoned she was definitely gonna be finished by meeting's end, so we have let her off the hook, mind you, someone did sidle up and whisper, "If she doesn't finish we will dob...."
Trouble is, Jackie gets distracted, a lot, as Librarian, if she isn't jumping up to put her hand on just the right book for someones project, (and I have to tell you, some of those quilt descriptions can be pretty vague) she will be laying her hand on a piece of equipment someone needs or the biggest distraction of all, chatting - well, isn't that what its all about? catching up and sharing?
Jackie started this cutie a l o n g w a y b a c k, but while searching for something else last week she unearthed the button cutie. Just the thing for the F.F.U.F.O. Challenge.
Jackie has her own challenge within our challenge, she plans on finishing one item every month, well that's the plan.
Some sets of buttons saved so many years ago from her little brothers rompers, how cute are the little rocking horses.
From her Grandma's button collection, including some that Jackies Mum had on the front of her 'Tennis Whites'

Karen Do. is also ploughing through the U.F.O. pile, she bought this pattern/kit a couple of years ago at a craft exhiition, for some unknown (even to Karen) reason, they sat there, unfinished by 'just this much'. One tinsy little bit of seam.
A bright and lively cat panel was given to Karen to turn into a quilt, Karen plans on donating this cutie to her local cat rescue center to use as a fund raising raffle quilt. Another U.F.O finished!
Using free motion quilting Karen outlined block elements, which showed up beautifully on her backing.

Chris and Karen Do. had a bit of a collaboration going on. Creating some lovely place mats for her Daughter Chris found a need for just a little more of this lovel V Dub fabric, which Karen was only too pleased to share from her stash. Not needing the remaining fabric, Chris stitched up this terrific oven Glove for Karen as a thank you.

Just checking that there were no missed U.F.O.'s, asked Inge if there were any hanging around, 'No' was the firm answer, but quick as a flash she shows this, with a laugh and a 'but almost'

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