Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Show'en off, catchin' up and spreading the good times.

Well lots of showing off all the finished goodies from the weekend Retreat today, Ailsa and Fran did a 'model walk'  to show off their caddies, Fran decided that a 'sporran' wasn't what she wanted after all and put some pretty little tucks in her neck band to shorten it.
Some rather cute reversible coasters from Sues Sunday tutorial, cunning huh! they are very flat, not gonna get a glass to wobble on these beauties.

Remember Lorraine and her 'running away from home' bag?  the beautiful Log Cabin butterflies created at the Retreat?, well here is the quilt that inspired the bag, now we know why she needed such a big bag, when Lorraine said Queen size, I think she meant the 'giant economy' Queen size!!!
Sue is under that quilt,...somewhere,... helping to hold it up for the piccie....

Lorraine has used a pink Toile as the very center of her quilt, and is hand quilting the design lines to pick out the detail.

Lyn has created an 'I Spy' Quillo for her Grandie, using the disappearing 9 patch design and some left over 'I Spy' squares from previous quilts.  She was zooming off to watch him play sport after a quick cuppa, but Grandie has to wait for the Quillo......why?, well Lyn has to make a label..very important things, labels.

When Lyn got home with the backing fabric, she found it to be 2" too narrow....arrgh, what to do, well Lyn solved the problem brilliantly, she used some more of those 'I Spy' patches to put an 'I Spy' line down the back of the quilt, with a smaller line of blocks down the center of the Quillo pocket.

Sheila had a bit of a change of heart about her doggie mat for Julius, poor poor Julius, its the cold floor for you mate, after having success with the machine quilting and following lots of encouragement and advice from the girls, Sheila has decide that this should be a throw for one of the family, not a family pet...Good decision!.
 But I really wanted to show you Sheila's Jacket, now isn't that the best winter wear for the Sub-tropics?, we do get cold up here........and today was! brrrrr....

Arvo tea was a bit of a quiet affair, there had been a sumptuous Luncheon at the Cottage to celebrate the life of Silversmith Leader Irene Marshall who sadly passed away last week.
Lots of variety and some really delish slices.
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