Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Surrounded by Goodies

It was a lovely day of gifts and goodies today, the suggestion having been made a couple of weeks ago that all members be given two pieces of fabric to make an item of their choice for personal sales at the Christmas Fair.
Barbara was delighted to make her selection, she has a plan in mind already.

And who wouldn't be pleased? such lovely fabrics, they will be a pleasure to work with. Although one little group came up with the brilliant idea of pooling their fabrics and making a Christmas Tree Wall Hanging, we even elected Wendy to make it for us. Ta Wen!

Elaine making her selection, hmmmmmm the vibrant ornament fabric or something more traditional?

The quilt behind Penny is made using a set of large Drunkard's Path Templates.

Sue, one of our members who has since moved interstate sent us a gift voucher to the Angel that she won last year and hadn't gotten around to using, from memory Sue was one of last years Lyn Ballinger Challenge winners.

Sheila suggested we use the voucher to go towards a set of templates for our library and the large Drunkards Path templates were chosen, hence the choice of quilt for display.

Penny bought along gizmos and gadgets from her shop, Patchwork Angel, to demonstrate for us, along with patterns galore and a small selection of cut fabrics. Penny also bought along the ordered set of templates and presented them to the Library committee and made a donation of the balance of the cost of the templates, and she also mentioned that she had a 'counter mat' that she was donating to the group but had left behind at the shop, well that sounded just lovely, we love donations, who doesn't ? so applause and thank yous were said, we then adjourned for Arvo Tea.

But can you imagine our surprise and delight when a familiar red ute and trailer came dashing into the car park and out sprang Penny's Darling with this enormous big green cutting mat.........yep, the aforementioned counter mat..........a cutting mat for a counter!

Penny told us that we have Tony from Victorian Textiles in Melbourne to thank for the mat, it was incorrectly delivered to her store and instead of having it returned Tony agreed that it could be donated to a local patchwork group.

A REALLY BIG THANK YOU TONY from all of us at Buderim Patchwork Group.

There is a beautiful family photo of Tony, his wife Yumi and their daughter on the Victorian Textiles Web site at
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