Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A lovely day in Mooloolah

The Mooloolah Valley girls held their Bienale quilt show and tell last Wednesday 7th Sept, it's always an enjoyable day out with quilting friends, meeting new faces, greeting old faces, err...faces from previous years??
There was a lovely quilted banner greeting you at the entrance.
Show and tell was in the Mooloolah Public Hall, set just off the street in lush tropical surrounds

Mooloolah girls had the fun of setting up a Mystery Quilt within the group, these are some of the results. Wendy was rather taken with the idea of a group Mystery Quilt....but more on that later
Sheila took along a lovely Cathederal squares cushion. A gift for a friends birthday. As we all know it's Sheila's credo, "if you can't machine it, I'm not doing it", so yep, a donated orphan block was used for the front and the lovely backing was purchased while on holiday with said friend, who just happens to love violets and the colour purple.

Show and Tell quilts from our group and a past member.

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