Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Charity Quilts & Birthday

Having been tied up with family commitments for the last few weeks, it was good to get back to the group's Wednesday meeting. Lots going on and lots of lovely work - either WIP's, or the finished product.

Lyn Solomon managed to pick up a length of fabric on one of her overseas trips with these great horses and flowers printed on it.
Lyn is using the Broderie Perse method of applique to create a table cloth with a ponies border and a table runner for the center piece. How versatile!

Lyn showing her WIP, the table runner.

Birthday Girl Gwen was rather tickled by a card from her neighbour, here she is showing us and a couple of pics of the card.

After a good giggle there was a bit of a rush to put on 'lippy' to brighten the face. have gotta keep your end up as the saying goes.

Gwen and Janet did some rather hard work over the past couple of weeks, Bloomhill, one of our local cancer respite centers had an unfinished quilt given to them. They decided to ask our group to finish the quilt so that they could raffle it as part of their 'Mothers Day' fundraiser.

It's never easy to pick up someone else's work and finish it off, and this quilt had a few problems that the girls overcame. Gwen did a great job of machine quilting it and Janet then had the challenge of using the cut off fabric from around the edges to bind the quilt, she tells us that she had about 6" of fabric left over.
Here they are showing off their great work.

The group recently purchased some handy dandy clips to hold the sandwich layers together prior to pinning. Maureen and Sadie decided to try them out today on Sadie's quilt

So much easier than bulldog clips or masking tape.
A closer view of Sadies quilt, she is making it for one very lucky young man, her Grandson.

In a recent class, Julie made this quilt top from 2 jelly rolls for her teenage grandson, don't these Grandies do rather well from their Grandmothers? - and don't we just love making them quilts.

Another quilt from Julie, soft florals for her Sis's 60th Birthday, the quilt is machine quilted by one of our Thursday night group members,Fiona, aka the 'Quilting Fairy', Fiona can be contacted through Patchwork Angel and she will quilt an allover design for you starting from $3.35 per square foot.

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