Saturday, November 14, 2009

Row x Row Reveal for Thursday night girls

Another wonderful bundle (well several actually) of lusciousness to drool over made their appearance with the last group's row x row reveal.  The Thursday nighters had 9 participants in their row x row, hence the later reveal date.
 The night started off with Marleene and Lorraine scooting the screens from storage into the Atrium and pinning up each flimsey to be, Marleen had them all sorted and arranged in order to cut down on time and she quickly got down to work.

It was a bit of a different story with Lorraine though, she just couldn't help herself, picking up her bag, and trying to sneak little peaks, Marlene gave it up and let her pin her own reveal, 

I can tell you there was some excitement in that Atrium............and it was catching, just ask any of the arriving Botanical Gardens members.

Finally all the rows were pinned, and the girls allowed in to find and admire their Row x Rows, there were such gasps of delight and much ooohhing and aaahing but one comment came over loud and clear.  'Yes, I like that!', it was a sentiment echoed around the room.
 Di was more than delighted with her rows, they are to be a wall hanging in her sewing room, her own row at the top says it all, 'I love sewing,'

A closer look at that cute embroidered sewing machine and the Teddy.

Jenny started her rows off with appliqued teapots for a high tea theme, her last row of hearts has the sweetest little stitchery as a center pannel.

Just had to show you those cup cakes, they had Jenny rubbing her tummy they look so yummy.


Maureene, started her rows off with a traditional floral design appliqued across the width of the row, the theme was continued througout,  with the last row being a lovely vine with heart shaped leaves and these rather beautiful fussy cut flowers with the vine spilling over onto the tiled side blocks.


Jane B chose an interesting pointed pattern to applique across her row, at first glance almost a Grandma's Flower Garden, but coming to points in the center instead of the traditional hexagon shapes. The flower row used the traditional Grandmas Garden along a vine, the shape of the leaves being echoed in the 9 Patch blocks on the next row.


Letitia,  started her rows with beautiful angels on the wing, her second row is the cutest flowers using suffolk puffs and buttons with a beautiful sentiment stitched among the blooms.


Jane wanted a quilt to celebrate her Daughters 21st Birthday Party, Jane had used a blue and silver colour scheme with the theme of 'Masquerade'  for her Daughters party, and asked for it to be repeated in her rows.
A note book was supplied for the girls to record their thoughts and design elements as they went, a wonderful idea that everyone took full advantage of.
 Lorraine's entry and sketches

 Debby went full on for her page in the book. 

Chatting of Debby, she wasn't able to make it to the reveal, but here she is at the Breast Cancer Fundraiser.

  and here is Debby's lovely lemon row x row.


More Suffolk Puffs in the flower boxes, cared for by Teddies holding hearts.

There was a great deal of merriment around June's quilt, with many a story, but the one that stood out was of a Christmas party game, where you were able to lay claim to anothers present, a piece of fabric, June really wanted one particular piece and managed to pounce on it early on in the game, but got claimed.......but then, sneakily, Marleen re-claimed it as her turn at the end of day and gave it to June, all's well that ends well, June put the piece to good use in her row,

here they are, having a good laugh over the memory

Marleen then told us about getting inspiration from one of the girls in the Wednesday Row x Row to fussy cut a picture for the center of her star row that she did for June.
Marleen didn't do a row x row as such, she was backup for anyone who was away on hols and did several of the rows.
The row above the stars, is a 9 Patch row, how cleverly disguised, look carefull and you will see the huts are the 9 patch!
June was very excited about her rows, wouldn't mind betting the quilt is just about done by now!.


And of course some one has to be last, sorry Lorraine, you did a beautiful job of pinning your rows up, wonder if that will be the finished layout?.  Lorraine's own row is the row running vertically down the side of the screen.

A closer look at one of Lorraines rows, how neat are those tiny 1" squares on point.
Hope you all enjoyed looking at these wonderful quilts to be, cant't wait to see them all finished next year.
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