Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's that time of year again....

...yep, not only is it creeping/rushing headlong into Christmas it is also the beginning of our Christmas Break.
The group will be back on the 2nd February next year, all enthusiastic and ready to throw themselves wholeheartedly into the business of our Quilt Show, so much to do, and only 6 months to pressure, no pressure!

But in the meantime here is the wind-up of our year, Lorraine took some pics with her phone of the enormous piles of donations to both of our regular charities, the 'Empty Christmas Tree' for the Sunny Kids and lots of supplies for the Mum's and their Babies of STEMM.
Sheila, knowing the groups generous nature bought along 2 very large cardboard boxes, think table size here folks, but the gifts to both groups overflowed the boxes onto the tables.....really a tremendously generous donation to both where are the pics??........dunno,... truly I don't, I have searched and searched, they have to be somewhere!, but where??, so  if when I find 'em I will post them. 

The Good news is I haven't managed to loose the collage Heather sent of the wonderful time had by all at the Christmas Luncheon.

The food was delish, the jokes many and Lorraine kept everyone on their toes with little jokes and a game that revolved around what you had in your purse........big disappointment from the Gals who decided to use their pretty, going out purses that only held their phone and lippy!! - no prize for them!

So wishes to you all, members and readers,  for a very restful, happy and healthy holiday season, filled with family, friends and of course, lots of yummy food. 

See you all in 2011.......yikes, almost 2011 already??!!...gotta go get that quilt finished for the Show....betcha I'm still doing the binding on the last day.....sigh
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