Saturday, December 12, 2009

70's Beach Party..........

.......was the theme for the Thursday Night Groups Christmas Party, with the girls and their guests really getting into the 70's swing of things, gosh who can remember what they were wearing back in the 70's? these gals did

Debbie wore the cutest fringed hostess slacks, complemented with a pink lei (of course)

wonderfully vibrant colours were worn and also decorated the table tops, just look at these bright, fluro champagne goblets, and there was even a little pink bubbly to go in them with the obligatory drink umbrellas to really get you in the mood.

How about the beach belle in the kitchen, she wasn't there for long, chucked that tea towel and outside to be a party girl with the surfie dudes..........yep there were even Surf Lifesavers cooking up a storm on their barbie.  Ross and John were pressed into Duty by their wives, Debbie and Letitia, doesn't look like they mind one bit now does it? Great job done Guys, Thanks from all the party girls.

 It was Johns birthday and of course no one can pass up the opportunity to have a little sing song now can they?, John said if he had know he was going to be sung to he would have bought along his Ukele............

The Charity, strike that, the Charities that the girls choose to support with the proceeds of their party was the STEMM (Supporting Teenagers with Education, Mothering and Mentoring) organisation of Burnside High School in Nambour, a wonderful program that has unwed young Mums continue their education with a safe haven for them to leave their Bubs.

instead of exchanging gifts each partygoer bought along a practical item that the new Mum's would need for their Bubs, these were all piled, well artfully displayed, in the center of the Atrium surrounded by the row x row quilts, some of which were even finished!! more on that later. 
Thursday night leader, Lorraine presented the goodies to Kristen an behalf of STEMM.

Patchwork group leader, Sheila announced that in line with the Wednesday girls Christmas Party subsidy, the group was also subsidising the Thursday night party to a tune of $100.00.
Lorraine immediately added the $100 to the other monies raised through raffles on the night and donated, not only to STEMM, but also the very deserving Surf Life Savers Group

 The guys said 'Ta lots',or words like that,  and continued to enjoy their cake, It's not an easy thing to distract a guy from cake you know.

It was then time to start drawing the raffle prizes, with Letetia being the organiser, but those pesky tickets kept leaping from the box and blowing around the ground
But with some help from the more athletic and some nifty snaffling by Gwen, the winners were drawn.  First prize was Janet, who thought she had won a Surfie Dude, declined both but was happy to take one home..............had to settle for a huge basket of goodies instead.
The finished row x row quilts were just stunning with the partially assembled flimseys showing a lot of promise

Hopefully they can all be photographed when they are finished next year and posted.
This is Lorraines quilt, she quilted it herself, on her domestic machine, oh easy she said, its just straight lines....

oh yes, and some not very straight lines at all............beautifull quilting.

It was a wonderful night, beautifully organised with lots of delicious food and masses of eye sillies, not the Surfie Dudes, the quilts in the Atrium.
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