Sunday, December 13, 2009

Workshop with Jenny

Lorraine sent me an update on the Thursday Night girls workshop of 3rd December.

"Thursday night at the evening Patchwork meeting, we had a workshop where we all made a gorgeous bag.  Jenny was our tutor,  and as you can see from the little photo from my phone - there were lots of beautiful patterns produced.  Some of the Wednesday afternoon ladies joined us, and we were all so happy to be taking home a finished article after a 2 hour class!"

Lorraine also sent a pic of all the girls who took part in the Row x Row, taken at the end of the Beach Party evening seated in the Atrium surrounded by the lovely quilts and flimseys.

Standing at back we have Jane, Maureen, Lorraine, Jenny, Jane, Debbie and Di and seated is Marleen, Letitia, and June.  Marleen was the groups stand in, completing many of the rows when some of the other girls were away.
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