Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Another step toward our Quilt Exhibition...

Sheila has asked that everyone make their own Quilt Exhibition name badge, or indeed, nameless name badge or lanyard. It needs to be small enough to pin to your shirt in the usual place and has to be predominantly denim with the theme of 'recycle', of course, go nuts with any other decorations that take your fancy, whilst still remaining tasteful of course.
As an example, Sheila created this cute little lanyard using a toddlers jeans pocket and stitching a much loved button bought on her visit to Neuschwanstein Castle awhile back.
The badges or lanyards will be worn by the exhibition assistants on duty so that we are instantly recognisable

Betty always comes up with the cutest ideas for little works of crafty art has created these for our inspiration.

Remember Di's lovely box from last weeks show and tell?
Di has been asked the usual "where did you get it" questions by several people. It is a Rinske Stevens design, and was purchased at the Brisbane craft show. Di did a bit of sleuthing around the net and discovered a range available at Sewn and Quilted in Blackburn, Melb. No shipping charges easily visible on the site but found shipping of Di's box from Vic to Qld was around $14.50 for standard postage.
Thanks to Inge holding the box just so, here is a pic of front and back for you in case you too would love one of these lovlies for yourself or even as a gift.

Today, Di was working on more hexies,
actually saw her take a stitch or two between helping Courtney with her new table runner and admiring Sheila's new lanyard.
Courtney's table runner promises to be beautiful with such a lovely colour selection.

Karen had a beautiful tote stuffed full of stitchin' goodies, Turns out the tote was created by Inge. Karen cheerfully emptied the bag to show off all the pockets that Inge incorporated into her bag. Showcasing Shasiko embroidery created on an embroidery machine and teamed with some lovely fabrics, another example of Inge's popular beauties.

Sandy, who shared her lovely ribbon weave quilt last week was working on a sweet 'brights on white' medallion quilt, one of her 'bring along' pieces to work on at meetings.
Was too busy listening to the goss and got distracted from close ups of Sandy's quilt, a couple of closer snips from the above pic.

Today launched the Kaleidoscope workshop with Sue kindly being our tutor.
Lots of discussion, lots of measuring and very accurate pinning.
Looking forward to seeing the progress and finished results.
Thank you Sue for once again sharing your knowledge with us.

Now we all know that Wendy, apart from being a prolific quilter is also a curious little quilter. Show her a pattern that captures her imagination and she won't be happy until she has conquered it, so when she saw Marie & Sue's quilts she just couldn't wait, she had to make the Kaleidoscope quilt, she found a tutorial and sailed away creating a quilt everyone admired but Wendy was critical of it. Why? she thinks that the Kaleidoscope effect isn't as radical as she would have liked, that the overall quilt pattern is too close to the uncut fabric design. She agreed to send me a pic of her quilt as a point of discussion only.
However, reckon its still a great quilt.

Lorraine sacrificed and missed out on the workshop, she kindly took over the arvo tea duties for one of the gals who couldn't make the day, but not to miss out, she worked on her version of squares. Ham and Salad squares as it happens.

Some time back the group purchased a lockable book case for our library collection, no matter how many times Jackie our librarian culls we have books galore, so many, that as time marched on the shelves started to sag under the weight. Lorraine organised with her very helpful Darling to solve the problem.
brackets, real support without the hinderance of dividers, brilliant!
But wait there's more...(feel free to envision steak knife advert. at this point) Obviously all the books had to be removed for the work to take place, so Lorraine being Lorraine, totally organised, she sorted all the books so that they went back into the bookcase in perfect order. Now Keep It That Way it stays that way.
Doesn't it look brilliant? Thank you so much Geoff and Lorraine, the group really appreciates your work for us.
and yes,alright, I confess, I'm really bad at putting books back, really need to wear those glasses- actually finding the suckers would be a start.

Beryl, Lorraine L, and Marie V were busily chatting but stopped long enough to share their work with us.
Lorraine is working on some really intricate and tiny hand pieced blocks, she commented that they get a bit difficult to stitch in the middle of the block!
Beryl shared that she keeps an embroidery piece in the little square tin you see here, anytime she isn't working on a quilt she can simply pick up her box and tote it along for something to work on. Great Idea.
Marie was working on the binding on her scrappy quilt, all scraps, all tiny, beautiful quilt.

Pat was stitching away on her machine, doing duty as Atrium sales staffer and patchworker combined. Seeing a crumb quilt on one of her fave blogs she set out to create her own version of this 4" block log cabin, with 2 large bags of scraps, she has lots to choose from, the only rule is to start each block with the red center, the 'hearth of the home'. The fireplace was used for cooking food, keeping warm and providing light in log cabins. So the traditional red square represents this source of warmth for gathering around.
Using 4 of the 4" blocks to create one 8" sq block Pat will assemble the those blocks in a 10 x 10 block grid.
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