Thursday, November 26, 2015

It's All About Christmas and a 'Heads Up' for Bailey

Yep, the 2015 Buderim Christmas Fair is almost upon us.
Today was sign in and set up day, with groups busily scooting around and moving in display props it was all excitement and go go go.

Show and Tell started off with Marcia presenting a lovely 'Thanks for being Leader' gift to Sheila.

Sheila is zooming off on a holiday with some of her family members, so what better pressy than a travelling bag, and yes, her ipad will fit beautifully!
But wait, there is even more.
Lainey created Sheila's bag and
having a little fabric left over
added a cosmetics bag,
a foil lined security wallet
and a coin purse.
All in Sheila's fave colour of blue.

Have a great trip Sheila, and don't forget to e-mail us some selfies now you have that ipad under controll.

Lots of Charity quilts have been donated, Estelle stitched two of these.
Two other sweeties from the previous week but no details on who created them, so if they are yours - let me know so I can update the pics and give credit where it is due!

Michelle has finalised the lay-out of her beautiful crazy squares and sashed them but as yet hasn't started the quilting.
and why hasn't Michelle started quilting this darling?
Her daughter is getting married in the near future and Michelle has been working on these.
How special for your wedding day, stitched by Mum

This one is for the flower girl, palest pink
Next project of course is the Bridesmaid/s bags, then a deep breath and perhaps a start to quilting.

Now Bailey, this is what your Gran bought along to share with us today.
Isn't it just the cutest?!
and Bailey, Gran was heard to say "I'm not sure I will use it"....well it that isn't an opening to get yourself a pretty new tote I don't know what is.

Betty presented a workshop to us recently as a fundraiser for Movember making these cute little 8 point folded stars.
There was lots of ironing involved at the beginning, but Pat was right on the ball there.
Betty was as busy as a one armed paper hanger, the only pic was of her speeding past.  Boy that gal can move!!

There was quite a bit of waiting for instructions after the first step.
 But then everyone was off and running
Some lovely stars were created, some to be used as Christmas gift cards, some will be sold at the fair.
Hope to see you there.
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