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2019 Quilt Show and Exhibition - Post 4

Time for some more eye candy and quilt stories. Enjoy!

Scrappy Windmill
Beryl Darby
"I did this quilt in a class with June Sulzberger. In the past, June was a member of our group here in Buderim.
Quilted by Carmen Brown." - sorry no link

Lone Star. For Sale $450
Janice Souter
"I noticed a beautiful Lone Star quilt at the Sewing Mill.
Wow, I had to do the workshop with Beth.
Colours are outside my comfort zone, working with silver, rust, sparkles on black
Pattern by Beth Clayton - Sewing Mill, Nambour
Quilted by Judy Davidson - Furball Farm quilting."

Di Stark
"I wanted to make a 'Quilt As You Go' quilt and so thought this pattern would fit the bill. It was quick and fun to make. It wasn't long enough for me so I extended it by four rows. I like my quilts to cover the pillows.
Pattern by Joy Coey.
Quilted by me - quilt as you go!"

Halo Medallion. For Sale $450.
Wendy Tame
" I wanted to do foundation piecing and loved the pattern.
The pattern is by Sue Garmin
I quilted this myself."

Sudoku. For Sale $90
Karen Doyle
"Yes, as the name suggests - it is just like the numbers game but made from fabric. 9 different fabrics - one of each in each square, one of each in each column and one of each in each row.
Simple and looks great.
Quilt as you go makes it to have hand sewing to take on patchwork on Wednesdays."

Kimono Kekeshi Mark 1V
Susan Webb
"Wallhanging - patterns designed by Sandy Rodenmayer (Texas, USA). Inspired by traditional Japanese Kokeshi Dolls, of which I have a small collection.
All cotton fabrics, hand appliqued by myself using Vliesofix and buttonhole stitch.
Hand quilted by me."

F is for Freya
Karen Daniel
"F is for Freya, is the first quilt that I have made for my granddaughter, Freya. Again, it was a course run to teach how to make full use of the sewing machine. Both Poppy's and Freya's quilts are very similar, but different colour schemes.
For my darling Freya. I hope she enjoys it as much as I have enjoyed making for her.
Pattern by Lynda Howell
Quilted by me with help of a friend."

Sunshine Resort. For Sale $150
Sandy King
"I bought the kit for this quilt several (???) years ago and then dug it out last year for something quick to make. The kit consisted of the panel in the center and the matching fabrics for the borders. I made some changes to the original pattern to make the quilt bigger. It is a fun quilt, which I have given the alternate name of "Does My Bum Look Big In This". It is a bright and happy quilt.
Quilted by Carmen's Quilting."

Abundance of Pink
Stella Lopera
"Inspired by Fiona's quilting style. Fabric was partly from my stash and partly from the generous donations to me by my patchwork friends.
Quilted by Fiona-The Quilting Fairy"

Rock Walls of Buderim
Pat Reid
"A design by Jennifer Sampou, interpreted from a picture on the internet. The 'rock' shapes remind me of the dry rock walls frequently seen in gardens on the top of Buderim.
The first stage of this wall hanging was to sew various half square triangles. These were to become my 'rocks'. They were then cut in an improvised manner with a rotary cutter and hand appliqued.
Straight line quilting makes a bold design on the neutral colour backing and some improvised quilting surrounding the 'rocks' appearst to make them stand out on the backing fabric. I quilted using aurifil thread on my domestic sewing machine. Approximately 300 hours to complete."

Blue Jigsaw
Sheila Tweedy
"Quilt is an original design resulting from a workshop in improvisation with Julie Haddrick at A.Q.C. 2018 in Melbourne. It is machine pieced and machine quilted by me using fabrics from my stash.
Made for granddaughter, Sappho's 12th birthday. She loves colour blue and jigsaws.
Backing fabric is a special printed piece from the Cook Islands featuring turtles.
Machine quilted by me."

Black Magic
Marcia Elliott
"I made this quilt for my daughter when she moved into her renovated Queenslander. It is machine pieced. The pattern is 'Black Magic' by Terese of Gumnut Gear.
Quilted by Carmen's Quilting."

Hexie Table Runner
Michelle McGrath
"This was my first attempt at 'hexies'. I started this about 3 years ago and happy to now say I have completed it. All done by my own fair hands with a little bit of embroidery to finish it off."

Stormy Warriors
Sheila Tweedy
"Quilt is an original design using 'wonky' lightning blocks.
Made for my grandson, Jack's 12th birthday. He loves basketball and the colour red. The feature blocks were reclaimed from a licensed singlet from an Op Shop. Jacks dad is coach of the 'Rockets'.
Machine quilted by me."

P is for Poppy
Karen Daniel
"P is for Poppy, is the quilt that I made for one of my grandaughters, Poppy. It was a course run to teach how to make full use of the sewing machine. I decided to do this course, because even though this was my 4th Sewing machine that I had owned, I had never ever learnt to use any of the previous machines before.
I decided to make it a quilt for my granddaughter, Poppy, but I had two granddaughters, the other is Freya, so clever clogs me (hahaha) thought I might as well make 2 at a time.
For my beautiful Pops. I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it for her.
Pattern by Lynda Howell.
Quilted by me."

What a Hoot!
May Carson
"My Husband and I love to travel in our caravan,. We were doing a big lap of Australia and I wanted to quilt whilst away (had a cousin's baby to sew for) but with no power I wasn't able to take my machine. So I improvised and took a pre printed cot panel and hand quilted the designs with embroidery thread and machine pieced the main quilt together when I got home.
Hand quilted by me."

2019 Quilt Show and Exhibition - 3rd post

We all got an e-mail this morning, yep, its only a mere 104 weeks to the next quilt show(thanks Karen)....and, I kid you not, there are some who have already started the planning process....dunno whether to groan or be excited...errrm...excited...yeah, lets go execited! 'cause when you see the next lot of wonderful quilts we had on show, I'm sure you will agree.

Crysanthemums. For Sale $35
Ankie Boessenkool
"A smallish but very pretty piece of chrysanthemum fabric inspired me to use it all in this pretty table runner."

My Hygge Place
Pam Stewart
"The quilt was made for my daughter's 40th birthday.
She prefers crisp modern designs.
'My Hygge Place is a machine pieced version of 'Metro Rings using the quick curve Ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful.
Quilted by Pamela Jones."
Wasn't sure of what exactly a Hygge Place was, so google to the rescue. 'Hygge: The Danish Art of Cosiness'-A.

Winter Village. For Sale $240
Wendy Tame
"I liked this pattern of blue and white.
The pattern is by Edyta Sitar
I quilted this myself."

Lap Plaid. For Sale $65.
Jan Brewer
"This scrappy quilt was a good way to use my scraps.
Quilted by me."

Outof the Box. For Sale $180
Marie Weber
"This quilt is well named. I used a pattern that was in the magazine 'Better Homes & Gardens'.
I wanted to make it but buying more fabric was not my idea. So I went scratching in my boxes and found all these leftover pieces of Japanes fabric, which was just what I needed for this quilt. It is a great pattern for using those pieces that are leftover but too big to throw out.
I enjoyed putting this quilt together and quilting it.
Quilted by me."

Foxley Village
Di Stark
"This was a BOM in Homespun. I had done very little qpplique work and thought this would improve my skills. It also involved some machine piecing which I love doing. There is a story attached to each block. The first block started with "My name is Zacary Twigg. I am the keeper of the keys to Foxley Village and your narrator for this 10-part story of this sweet and fanciful town". It goes on to talk about Fabian (the fox) who is the hero, albeit one who is scared onto the roof by the cat. And so the story goes on - for 10 weeks. It kept me engrossed the whole time!
The pattern is by Natalie Bird.
Quilted by Carmen's Quilting."
Andrea - A net search found lots of links to purchase the pattern but all were showing out of print. However I know that Kimz Sewing and Patchwork has patterns available. Patchwork Angel may also be a lead but nothing came up on their site.

Joie de Vivre
Pam Stewart
"This quilt was made for my daughter's 40th Birthday.
'Joy de Vivre' is a scrappy style quilt using Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics.
Only the narrow border and binding are not from the Collective.
I chose bright and cheerful fabrics to shine in the long London winters where my daughter lives.
I machine quilted the body
Pamela Jones quilted the border."

Sudoku. For Sale$90
Karen Doyle
"Yes, as the name suggests - it is just like the numbers game but made from fabric.
9 different fabrics - one of each in each square, one of each in each column and one of each in each row.
Simple and looks great.
Quilt-as-you-go makes it 'to have' hand sewing to take to patchwork on Wednesdays."

It's a Tie
Karen Wikman
"One of my Patchwork friends gave me some ties that her husband no longer wore. I used them to make this cushion and followed our 'Reclaimed Theme'."

Autumn throught he Attic Window
Yola Webster
"I loved this panel of rocks and autumn colours and wanted to make a quilt for my Mothers internal brick wall,. I also wanted to try an 'attic window' quilt.
Quilted by me."

Bargello Table Runner
Marcia Elliott
"I made this Bargello table runner at a 'workshop' held here at the Cottage. One of our members showed us how it was done. Fun times!
Quilted by me."

Double Runners
Karen Wikman
"I love whites, creams and natural coloured fabrics. I looked through my stash for these colours and enjoyed putting these runners together. I use the runners together in my sewing room.
Machine quilted by me."

Greek Key for Zoe and Alison
Sheila Tweedy
"This pair of cushions are for my twin granddaughters, Zoe & Alison. We had a greek holiday together and they turn 21 shortly, hence the design is the GREEK KEY. The sky blue was fabric dyed by myself and the denim reclaimed. They are both stars in my eyes."

Marlene Hogan
"Wanted to work a medallion quilt with borders. Drew up tree from copy of photo taken in street at Esk.
Quilted by Fiona the Quilting Fairy."

Jackie Swan
"I loved this quilt when I first saw it on the first cover of Simply Modern. It was many years before I decided to start making it. I really like the opportunity to use the variety of fabrics in the circles.
Pattern by Rachael Daisy.
Quilted by Fiona - The Quilting Fairy."
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