Thursday, October 14, 2010

Group's A.G.M.....done and dusted

We have all been impatiently awaiting the Group's A.G.M., not for any group business reasons, although its always nice to have all the positions filled by a great group of volunteers, no, yesterday was the day Sheila drew the raffle for this wonderful quilt.
Lee Clelland's 'Single Wedding Ring' version 5, one of the many quilts she made and quilted with a different design for her book 'Quilting makes the Quilt', IMHO if not the best book on machine quilting then close to it, and yes, you can still purchase copies.
And who won??
Lorraine did!!!, she rushed right over and gave it a 'Welcome to my Life' Hug.  Congratulations Lorraine.
Oh yeah, and the fact she had a scrummy sanger in her hand didn't slow her down one little bit.

There is a very special birthday party in Wendy's life this weekend, one of her Grandies is turning 1 year old.  He is a great fan of that book about the caterpillar that eats a hole in everything, you know the one, and Wendy has created this 'Hungry Catterpillar' quilt as his gift.
The little lad's Mum must be as talented as Wendy, she is drawing on the tale for party food inspiration. 
all of the above will be on offer, what a marvelous way to remember your 1st Birthday.

 June, one of the Thursday night regulars joined us yesterday and bought along some quilts to show.
While we were all drooling over this lovely version of 'Hidden Wells' Janice suggested that June might like to hold a workshop on this classic design.  Yipee! June accepted!, so dear readers, there will be 'wells' galore next year.
June used some of the lovely hand dyed silk 'scraps'  that were donated to the group by Meg to form the centers of her border applique flowers.
June then free motion quilted a petal pattern in the center of the wells and interspersed flowers through the meandering quilting design over the rest of her quilt.

This lovely was paper pieced by June for her son.........for his boat!, she also did 2 more the same for the single bunks.  
Somehow or other I don't think the boat is a fishing tinny, do you?

 The intersection of each block forms a secondary design in each corner.
June was inspired by the sea for the quilting design she choose for the quilts.  Stars around the border, followed by a row of 'waves' and then a water inspired meander for the body of the quilt.

June spotted some of the tessellated quilts that other members have made in Val's workshop, and decided to have a go at drafting out her own T block pattern, and this is the result, a beautiful 'Kimono' tessellated quilt.
June has free motion quilted the background between the kimono's, compressing the background and forcing each Kimono forward.  The same fabric as the narrow first border will be used to bind her quilt.

After Lorraine finished rolling around on her new quilt, she showed off the backing on this beauty, Lorraine spied the backing a couple of years ago on sale, it was a great buy and she scooped up the entire bolt, its been just the ticket for all the niece and nephew quilts that she has made.
 Lorraine's quilt story:
I have been collecting 'I Spy' fabric and charm squares for a while now - just another of my collections.
The I spy quilt was done last year with a boy theme bias just waiting for a family member to oblige with a likely recipient.
My nephew, Ben and his wife Jody added to two daughters with Daniel Benjamin earlier this year.
I won't be at his naming ceremony as I will be away on a quilting retreat for the week, but the quilt will be in the mail to him in time for the ceremony.

Cheeky Susie created this table runner to use up some more of her scraps. Vibrant flowers appliqued to a black background with embroidery to delineate the petals.
And why cheeky??  well I'm no dobber, suffice to give a warning, if you leave your tongue outside your head, it will dry out and go crispy! and then you won't be able to enjoy lovely goodies like our arvo tea, fresh tasty sangers, tiny tomatoes, moist fruit cake and a lovely iced banana cake..
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