Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Needles, Knots and Nibs

A wonderful new exhibition is coming to the Cottage soon, very soon, the Weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May.

Yep, as the flyer states, those talented folks who weild the Caligraphy Nibs, the knitters who also spin their own yarns to create an array of goodies along with the gals who make those machines dance have all banded together to bring us a festival of wonderful crafted goodies and demonstrations.

'Nibs', the Caligraphy Group will have some beautiful penmanship for you to view and purchase including their ever popular B150 tea towels.
these talented ladies and gentlemen always have such handy articles for sale, not only suitable for gifts but also for everyday use around the home. 

'Needles' the Machine Embroiders Group
have been ever so busy preparing for the exhibition, along with the huge array of sale items such as Embroidered Towels, Baby Bibs, Table Runners, Bags, Quilts and other goodies more numerous to mention the group has also created 5, yes 5!, quilts to be donated to Multiple Sclerosis. They will all be on display at the exhibition with a presentation to M.S. on Sunday at 2.p.m.
Marie and Wendy bought this one along to show their fellow patchworkers last Wednesday.
A closer peek at some of those beautifully embroidered blocks, and don't be fooled (like someone who will remain nameless <vbg>), it's not a matter of just flick a switch and the machine takes off and does the job.......oh no, lots of preparation and creation of designs goes on beforehand.
There will be 3 'Basket Raffles' all loaded with wonderful goodies.  This one is a terrific Picnic Basket for 2.
Contains a Table cloth - how cute are those ants!- 2 placemats with cutlery, flatware, wine glasses, bottle of wine, with it's own holder and napkins, just pop in a few nibblies and you are all set to go off on a sunset picnic at the beach (or anywhere else that takes your fancy really!)

There will also be Machine Embroidery demonstrations for you to view. - Lookin' forward to that!

'Knots' the Spinners and Weavers group
have been having a lot of fun organising a 'Yarn Bombing' - nooo, not gonna be chucking balls of wool around, thats what they do for their kitties, no a Yarn Bombing is where they dress up the trees, statuary, and anything else that stands still for too long in knitted and crocheted creations!  (Yep, it was news to me too) sounds like a lotta fun, so keep your eyes peeled as you cruise down main street past our Cottage for a glimps of some bombing!

And I know you are just hanging out to know about the Food...yep, Pam, Fran and their band of helpers will be keeping us all supplied with Hand Crafted Edibles, all with an Australiana twist.  ummm  ummm!! lots of Sandwiches, Toasted or Fresh with optional extras such as tomato, cheese and onions.
They will also have lots of  Hand Crafted 'Sweet Moments', such as scones - (including some of Frannies Date Scones- if you are quick enough <g>), slices, mini muffins and tarts all to be washed down with a delightfully relaxing cuppa tea, or if you prefer a brewed coffee.

Now coincidentally, the weekend of 5th and 6th May is also party weekend for the 150th Birthday of Buderim - hence the Caligraphy Groups B150 tea towels - so there will also be lots of other fun and activities going on in Buderim that weekend.
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