Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 Quilt Exhibition - Part One

The show was a great success, lots of inspirational quilts were hung, and lots of visitors milling about, viewing, admiring, meeting old friends, catching up, just generally enjoying their visit to our wonderful Cottage.

Lyn Solomon
Having won a minor prize in the Lyn Ballinger Challenge several years ago, these are the fabrics I bought with the prize money.
I love the rich colours and feel they exude warmth for a cold winters night in a comfy quilt. Disappearing nine parch is also one of my favourite patterns.
Quilted by Lyn Solomon.

Jules Williams
'Retro Brown'
A large trendy quilt made with left over retro style strips.
Just having some fun with left over strips from other projects!
Pattern Design by Jules Williams
Quilted by Letitia Turner

Marie Varley
'Stars and Boxes'
I made this quilt for my daughters 50th. birthday. It is a variation on a quilt by Carolyn Konig called 'Stars Hanging About'.
I used the Asian figures in the center copied from a decoration sent to me by a friend in Vietnam.
Quilted by Fiona Bell

Gwenyth Mitchell
'Gwenyth's Folly'
I started this quilt with dirty cream, mauve and purple. Changed to clearer colours and it all became a pickle!
Finally rescued with animal print
Quilted by Gwenyth Mitchell

Fae Dunner
'I Spy'
A comforter made with love for a traumatised child going into foster care.
"Something to keep" and to let them know they are precious to God.
Inspired by love of children.
Pattern design by Dianne Neumann and Tracey Scougall
Quilted by Fae Dunner

Sheila Tweedy
'Can You See The Face?'
Original design inspired by giant crossword on Pinterest. Fabrics are Canik Batiks 'Gemstones' given to me from the group several years ago. I also added some of my own hand dyed blue fabric.
The backing fabric was a 'must have' purchase.
Pattern design by Sheila tweedy
Quilted by Sheila Tweedy

Jackie Swan
I had been aware of tuffets being made in workshops and became interested. At the Brisbane Quilt Show in October 2015, I found Terri there selling kits. So home I came with a big box that I hid away in the house, thinking sometime later I will look at that. Then I became aware that Terri was coming to the coast to do a workshop, so I booked in. It took a full weekend and I am so happy with the results.
Thanks to Kimz Sewing and Patchwork - my tuffet is finished!
Worksho with Terri Ahrens

Sue Andrew
Hand pieced and machine quilted by me.
Quilted by Sue Andrew

Sandy King
'Buderim Belles'
I bought the embroidery blocks at a Quilt Show many years ago and finally finished them this year.
I used a single strand variegated thread for the embroidery and love the olde world look and style of the quilt
Pattern design by Sandy King
Quilted by Fiona - 'The Quilting Fairy'
Unfortunately the early morning light affected the photo badly, so some closer views of some of Sandy's beautiful stitches. - A

...more to come soon - A
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