Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Libby's Trunk Show

Libby bought her lovely created goodies along the share with the group for another great Trunk Show.
Many thanks to Debby and her helpers for supplying the photos and descriptions.

Libby started the night off with two of her hexagon creations.

I see Libby loves hexies as well.

A very colourful crazy star quilt

Two 9-Patch based quilts, the first, a colourful 9-Patch with alternate blocks of appliqued flowers and the second quilt yellow and blue 9-Patch with country fabrics, lots of appliqued birds, bird houses, butterflies, and other country motifs even down to the washing on the line.  It's lovely Libby.
 A very loved and cosy red with green flannel scrappy rag quilt with a matching bag
 Bag to tote the quilt or happily made up from leftovers??

We all made one of these scrappy quilts a few years ago and the blue border Libby has used brings out all the lovely coloured fabrics.

Two more quilts, firstly, Leanne's Garden.  This is gorgeous Libby.   Libby's hand stitching is so neat and lovely.  Well done.
and the second quilt of Boats, boats and more boats, this definitely belongs to one of her boys!! 

Stitchery blocks with a garden them, this WIP will be a special quilt when done.

Two stitcheries of 'Friends' angels in different colourways

Libby has a wealth of pretties to house her stitchery tools, cute totes to store work and goodies, a great 'quilt as you go' envelope for her rotary cutter and the greatest needle case, with a sweet 'crazy' heart on the front, it opens up to display pouches for all the different needle packs with a flanel flap to store the needles in use.  Best needle case ever IMHO.

Cute Bee-hive decorated sewing bag that zips fully open to display more applique flowers and even a bee!

A button bag created from hexies, two appliqued journals, a mini quilt WIP and more stitcheries.

Vibrant wall hanging with a stitched daisy border and a lovely pastel cot quilt in different sized 4-patches.
Another of Libby's stitcheries, this one of daisies and butterflies, all beautifully coloured within the stitching lines and two large tote bags, the first with a large pocket on the front and  the second in blues and yellows with a combination of pieced and applique blocks.

Two vibrantly coloured quilts, both in blue/green and yellow but both different in their own way, a great child's quilt and a throw/wall quilt.

This flimsey of a crazy log cabin in black and white features a red and a black border.

Another black and white quilt, this one beautifully set off with mauve and a 'sewing room' wall-hanging in basically blues.

 'Bars of Gold' quilt made with Japanese fabrics with a red border.  Lovely Libby.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beautiful Creations of February

Perhaps I should explain, ...blog postings have been changed to a monthly posting for awhile and the wonderful Marie is editing the pics for us all, no reasons to worry about.  However....did you know that when you get one of those little plastic lens popped into your eyeball you see colours differently? I kid you not! apparently as we age our vision changes, becoming slightly yellowed........so now I have the lovely bright white on one side and the fuzzy yellowish on the other, really gives a whole new dimension to choosing fabrics.  Enough goss...onto the wonderful goodies created by our talented members.

Some time back Beryl presented a class on a 'stitchery roll', I'm sure you are all familiar with the trials of taking stitcheries and blocks to and from home to class/meetings and back again.
This amazingly simple but effective roll uses a postage tube as it's foundation.   Heather has finished hers and bought it along to share/inspire us, the embroidery on the closure is fabulous.

Lorraine was missing in action for quite a bit of February, she tells us she was on a quilting retreat and bought this along to prove it....Lorraine's group pop off on a retreat on a yearly basis and each year one of the gals presents a 1 day tutorial, last year was a wonderful 'go anywhere bag'...more on that later, but this year it was this rather intricate looking table mat.  Now the girls know that something is going to be happening but what?, well, that's the surprise.  This year Lorraine chose some lovely yellows, reds, and oranges, but the sad part of the tale is those colours will not be comfortable in her home on the dining table, no, not at all...but not to worry! Lorraine will use this great table centrepiece on her patio table. Perfect!

Lorraine's Darling also pops off on a 'guys camping trip', you know the type of thing, hunting, fishing sitting around the campfire yacking...great stuff.  They decided that instead of pulling the caravan on these sometimes rather long trips that scaling down was a good idea.  Of course keeping warm was number one on Lainey's mind, so she made this amazing quilt for her Darling, and just to keep him 'company in spirit', all the fabric squares have a tale to tell in their life, sort of an 'I Spy' for the grown ups, and its a 9-Patch design, yeah really! clever gal Lainey.
and how cute and loving is the label
 and yeah, that is a pic of the ute.....cool huh???

Ailsa was the latest lass to bring along her Christmas Orphan block, Ailsa created a lovely cushion, adding a narrow yellow border with a darker green outer border and back.
The button bag came into being when Ailsa was given a button design FQ, she felt she just had to make this button bag based on one that she was given sometime ago that she uses to this day.

 Fae got a request from a long time friend to create a knee quilt, any colours except greens, well, green is Fay's fav colour so choosing fabrics required a few second thoughts with some of her favorite fabrics having to be returned to the stash.  Her friend is delighted with the finished quilt.

Sue has returned to the Sunshine Coast  and has been working away at putting the finishing touches  on her friendship quilt from some years back ('bout 18 years back). Sue also created a lovely reverse applique pillow sham to tie the friendship quilt with the other quilt in her guest room.
A closer view of some of the lovely work done by Sue's friends, the two owls represent Sue and her Darling, complete with a lovely sparkler on the pink owl's 'finger' to represent Sue's engagement ring!

Since the inspiring talk from Lorraine awhile back its all about scrappy in our quilts, Lyn has created this stunner in pinks with a too cute heart border that tones in perfectly.

Julie bought along this flimsey to share, it's all about the Teddybears Afternoon Tea, done with buttonhole applique. Looking forward to seeing this one quilted.

Sheila's Darling is into home brewing and as those that brew know, the mix has to be kept warm, well not any old rug would do, Sheila created a quilted cover with fabric mementos of her Darlings fave places and trips.  The cover even has a contoured opening to go around the tap.

What would be the most romantic day of the year to become engaged? yep, Feb 14th. but as Sheila pointed out, back in the days when we all became engaged Valentines Day wasn't the big deal it is now, so getting engaged on Feb 14 was more a co-incidence that just happened for her and her Darling but to celebrate that wonderful day 48years ago, Sheila created a strip pieced scrappy quilt for her darling to snuggle under, complete with a row of hearts and lots of Valentine Red, all folded up and tied with a big red bow, would have to be the bestest Valentines Day Gift ever.

Val has been to that orphanage in her bottom drawer again, creating these two quilts for her charity, Laurel House.
some of the gals want to visit this orphanage in your bottom drawer Val, we think it has a portal to 'the nether'. (Who's Grandies play Minecraft? )

Back to Lorraine's retreat and the 1 day tutorial, year before last the tutorial was for a 'Go Anywhere' bag, Lorraine's has seen a lot of use and bought it in to Show and Tell a few months back, well of course we all wanted one, so off goes Lainey, drafts a pattern, prints it up - very professional looking and then presented a workshop, lots of Go Anywhere bags going everywhere, lots of Grandies now have their own 'Go Anywhere' bag.
Julie with her bag and Marie with 2 bags she created

Wendy creating one of the 3 she made with advice from Lorraine and Marcia with her creation.

It's a very easy to assemble design with 2 side pockets and a pocket on each end and can be folded into your suitcase for trips to bring home all that shopping we all love to do on vacation as well as a great overnight bag.

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