Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas - Pressures, Sales and Luncheon

Popped into Johnno's for some ric-rac to finish a charity quilt and spotted this lovely vibrant range of fabrics. 
Robin told me that she is really feeling the pressure of that other (cheapie) fabric store's sales push and has decided to have a sale of her own, all her beautiful quilting fabrics are going out the door for only $7.99 a mtr. and once they're gone - they're gone!.  Robin will be concentrating on other avenues, so sad to see another local retailer feeling the push of the big buyers.

Was a bit startled to see Kym has sprouted wings!!!, Always knew she was an angel, but wings? really?
And who's lovely quilt is that on the wall? looks like Marie's!

Kym also mentioned she was having a bit of a sale, the called it the BO - - sale, yeah ok, so all I remember is the Bloody Old bit, kinda resonated, you know what I mean?
Anyway, pop in, mention the sale, and Kym will be only too pleased to point out the range, lots of lovely pinks in there too.

The Christmas Luncheon was a real hoot by all accounts, and thanks to Lainey here are some pics for you to relive the fun or for those of us not able to make it to see some of what the gals got up to.

First to breast the bar - so to speak - Marie and Marcia
Marcia was also the M.C. for the day, and from what one hears did an outstanding job.

Sheila was presented with 2 "Gemstones' jelly rolls,  in just her colours.
We thank the Patchwork Angel gals for their discount, very kind.

The meal was delish, as ever, with a choice of 2 mains and 2 desserts.

The tables were beautifully set

with a gift for each gal, little buckets of chockies,

Christmas hats and everything needed to play games.  Well, not all games, no skipping ropes etc but the kind of games quilters play at table.
There was colouring in....
 Sue didn't go outside the lines - nope - not even once, she must have been holding her tongue just right!

Wow, look at the concentration, ('cept Dorothy, she must have finished!)
Yep, eveyone had a great time!
Thanks to those who organised, those who did and of course, those who served up that lovely luncheon.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Thursday night

This is not the best photo of Fiona's quilt - in the flesh it is stunning..............

......................the binding needs to be done ASAP as its a Christmas gift for her daughter.

Debs is making good progress on her GTASB quilt..............

Tish is winding her thread to unwind!!

Jane B was showing off her new bag made by Sue.

Jackie's work...........lovely colours, as usual.

Beautiful embroidery by Elaine.

Christmas decorations by Jane A.

Pins and 1" squares looking pretty in Leanne's basket.

Doggie fabrics kept Jules busy.

 This is so lovely - Marlene completing a workshop project.

Yola tried her hand a machine quilting on this table runner.

Denise spent her evening reading.

Clamshells by Jenny.

Jane B's magnificent hand piecing..........................

Christmas party next week to finish off the year.
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