Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jane's Trunk Show and Tell

Last week the Thursday Night Group had another wonderful Trunk Show and Tell, this time it was the turn of Jane.
There are many, many photos of Jane's wonderful work, so many that I have had to group some of them into a collage, so to get a great view of Jane's work, just click on the pic for a bigger view, use your back button to return to the post, so make yourself a cuppa or pour a wine and really enjoy this wonderful show, pics and story with the compliments of Debby.

Jane had her Trunk Show & Tell on Thursday night. She was a little nervous but did a fabulous job showing a rather large group all the fabulous things she has made over the years. Nice to see so many faces.  

Jane showed us her first sampler quilt that she made about 20 years ago. 

Then she started coming to the cottage about six years ago now. Jane showed us her stack & slash quilt which has faded a lot over these few years which means only one thing. that it has been much loved. June showed us how to do this quilt.   Then she made a striped swag quilt.

Look at this gorgeous butterfly quilt (pattern by Lynette Anderson)
& check out all those pinwheels, love the colours and these colourful, Japanese prints.  Oh Jane it’s beautiful.
 Then there is her block of the month quilt that she did at The Patchwork Angel, all done in civil war reproduction fabrics. I think Jane fell in love with civil war repro. fabrics after doing this quilt.
I love this next quilt, Jane's Dresden plate quilt which she put together very quietly & quickly its just gorgeous Jane.
Check out Jane's newest addition to her collection, a Tessellation quilt, wow this is spectacular. 

Next Jane shows us what she has done so far with her 1/2" hexy civil war production quilt its also going to be wonderful. She has a few other friends doing this quilt as well some more advanced, others not so advanced!! 

Now Jane's first love is actually embroidery & she has embroideries framed, little needle pouches & lots of absolutely gorgeous little bags. You are amazing Jane & they are so fine & the colours stunning. 

Jane also had a bag addiction not so long ago & once she made one she just kept on making them & making them!! Love the hexy bag how about a lesson Jane?

Here is a cute photo of Jane with the Teddy she made & check out the T/Shirt her friend Jenny gave her " i never finish anyth..." That’s obviously not true Jenny!!!! Jane thanks so much for bringing all your creations in for us to see. You are a very clever lady.

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