Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Birthday Party and giveaway winners

There was so much excitement as we started to gather for our Blog Birthday Party, we had all been in to have a look at the Sales Display and give a big thumbs up and thank you to the wonderful job of setting up that the Thursday night girls had done.

And what do you think Janet is smilingly casting her eye over?
Why this luscious cream sponge of course, complete with sparkler.

 As luck would have it, there was quite a stiff breeze blowing yesterday, making lighting that sparkler quite the challenge.

Lorraine and Sheila, snaffled the sparkler and used the building as a windbreak, and success was theirs.
There was much singing, of happy birthday, and then a resounding rendition of 'for he's a jolly good fellow', words slightly changed to 'she' and 'blogger' was a bit overwhelming actually...........but greatly appreciated.  Thank you Sheila and everyone there yesterday for your very kind words of support, but really, our blog is only a success because of the fantastically talented work that you girls do.

Lorraine then kindly cut the cake into pieces for us all to tuck into, and Sheila and Patricia, poured us tea and coffee and just generally worked hard at making the day a wonderful success.

And so home to await 5 o'clock and have a go at the random number generator. 
It worked beautifully, I took a pic of each and every winners number but folks, I hope you will forgive me, I'm just loading the one, after all, with all those lovely goodies to drool over on yesterdays post, who wants to scroll down past 12 pics of basically the same without further ado............the first prize winner is................

the 16th comment from Joy of Joypatch, a Gum Tree!, Joy was one of the apron winners just recently. Wow again!...............oooh I can see giveaways being addictive!

The other winners are ..........................
first commenter - Theresa from Theresa's Blog - no posts there, perhaps a private blog?

Jennifer (Wombat collector extrodinaire) from Bronze Wombat

Loralyn from My Art, My So Called Life, who has the funniest thanksgiving joke on her blog, thanks Loralyn you made my day.

arlette from rincon de arlette who has the cutest little quilt of ginger jars on her blog

Gloria JW from Airdmillan Ayring the Quilts and things Gloria has a really amusing story of her first quilt on her blog........such a laugh, making those awful mistakes we all make when first taking off into the quilting world.

Wendy B from Sugarlane Quilts.  I've been following Wendys blog for a little while now, she has the most amazing pic of a sugar cane fire as her blog banner.

Dianne from Dinky Di Quilting & Craft who grows amazing vegies, the pics are mouthwatering.  BUT, the big thing to go see on Dianne's blog, scroll down past the reno's, past the vegies to an amazing contraption for sandwiching quilts, her friend Robyn is the proud owner..........go floor crawlers here.

Wendy...........a non bloging member of the cottage.............hey Wendy, don't need your snail mail

Vicki from Tozz's Corner Vicki is another of the Gum Tree designers and among other things, has been working on the Breast of Friends BOM in Homespun..............go check out the knots, squillions of 'em.......very pretty, but wow, knots galore!

Betty and Wendy won 2 giveaway prizes at the Birthday Party yesterday, making a total of 12 give-aways............yeah.........the same Wendy that won via e-mail above..........some people are just lucky like that.

So there you go folks, send me your snail mail addy and next week goodies will be winging their way to your door.......

Well folks its 6a.m., gotta be at the Cottage by 7, looking forward to the start of the Fair Fun.  Its been great being part of this celebration and giveaway.  Thanks to all for your know who you are.
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