Thursday, June 23, 2016

Winners, Fun and a Lovely Lunch

So much excitement to see just who had won the challenge this year, some years there are clear winners but this year it was very close and Lyn did a great job of judging the entries.
Thank you Lyn, not only for judging our challenge but also for including the display of our challenge in your Fiber Arts Exhibition which enabled cottage visitors to vote for Viewers Choice.

3rd Prize Judged winner is Marie with her embroidered, beaded mask with ribbons.

Sandy is 2nd Prize winner with her entry of satin, pearls and feathers.

And the number one judged prize winner is......insert drum roll here...
With her inserted angeled block of vibrant fabrics, fringes, beads and even a diamond clasp, well it could be a diamond, right?

Viewers choice winner, for the second year running is Pat, with her felt, feathers and angelina.

The buffet table was full of delicious dishes to choose from, a refreshing punch and desserts to follow.
All in all, a great day was had by everyone.
Thank you to everyone involved, the gals who organised the lovely luncheon, those who set up the room, Lyn for Judging and Penny for the prize vouchers.
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