Friday, March 25, 2011

Blankets of Love and Library Bags

Everyone is a busy as a bee at the moment, lots of lovely quilts being made for our up-coming TREE-mendous quilt show, workshops and a bit of a rush on making Library bags for some of the kiddies from the Ipswich area who were badly affected by the Queensland Floods as well as some very pretty Blankets of Love for one of our local hospitals.

June's Pinwheel workshop started this week.  June was busily explaining the finer points of creating this wonderfully bright tessellated quilt, lots of cutting was needed with Catti,  Heather and Christine, hard at it, while Val sat by the window doing a little needlework while watching the class unfold - can't show what Val is working's one of those Secret Squirrel things!

Val donated 2 blankets of Love, 1 patch in pastels, very pretty.  Got some help from Janice to display them for us.

Janice's Blanket of Love is a lovely soft blue 9 patch, sashed and bordered with the same fabric as the 9-patch center.
Betty sent along this pretty pink for the Blankets of Love project,

Maree created this lovely Dresden Plate quilt using a Jelly Roll.  Maree set the plate blocks on point and used a black sashing to set them off, quilting a Dresden Plate design in the central block.  Maree then used her Machine Embroidery skills to applique a smaller Plate in each of the border triangles, using the colours from the Jelly Roll on a black background
Yep, you're right, got distracted and didn't get a pic of the quilt hanging........hope you can see enough in the preceding pics and the collage above 'cause as you can see it's a beauty!

There has been a start on the Library Bags for the Ipswich kiddies, Denise very kindly held these up for us to see, and the red bag?? no he wasn't wagging school.
 Andrea cut the fabric to make a bag, but on a weekend sleepover, the Grandie decided he would like to make a bag to help out.  He choose the design, choose the fabrics and did all the stitching.  All on his own!
Am I proud?, you bet your little button up booties I am!

Marcia bought along this pretty pastel quilt with a 9-patch design using Machine Embroidered feature blocks, she made it as an 80th Birthday gift for a dear friend.  Lucky friend!

Like all groups, we get donations of leftover fabrics and semi-finished projects.  Sheila found these Machine Embroidered pieces in the box.  Just the ant's pants for some Blankets of Love.
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