Saturday, May 22, 2010

A late start to the day and a very late post

There wasn't much activity when our group gathering started on Wednesday, in fact there weren't  very many bodies to be seen..........where were they all??....... well they were at the Kawana Quilters annual Morning Tea and Show and Tell and boy oh boy, wasn't everyone on a high when they finally arrived back in Buderim, a great time had been had by one and all and of course there had been prizes to be won, Beryl being a lucky prizewinners with this bundle of goodies, including 2meters of fabric, an embroidered hand towel and a scented candle.
Everyone who attended was given a little embroidered or beaded envelope pin to keep their raffle tickets in.......cute huh? Beryl chose a red one to suit her blouse.

When the chit chat finally subsided Sheila and Sue gave a tutorial on Fibonaci, and using the Fibonaci Tables in quilting, particularly in borders to get the balance right, as well as using Sudoku in patchwork.

Sue created this simple but very effective quilt using both the Sudoku principal for the blocks and the  Fibonaci tables to get a good balance between block sizing and borders.
 Sue used QAUG construction with the sashing being part of the design on the quilt front.
The block quilting is an echo of the oblong piecing in the blocks, simple, easy and very effective.

Sheila decided on a set of place mats - they will be a gift to one of her lucky family members - using the Sudoku numbering principals
Using 9 squares of 9 different fabrics, and grabing  a Suduko answer from the paper to follow, Sheila will have 9 placemats all the same but every one will be different. Ha! does that make sense?, look at the Suduko answer and it will.
This is the layout of the second of Sheila's placemats, see the subtle difference? Math in quilting at work! clever girl to put sudoku to work.

Beryl had this wonderful vibrant quilt to share with us, started in another class and recently finished, perfect for a wall hanging in a tropical home.
Lorraine I. bought this honey coloured beauty along,  it will soon have perle cotton 'flight trails' stitched into it for a finishing touch and then it will be donated to be raffled.........yep it is to be raffled, and for a very good cause.......
 Lorraine is an Apiarist and belongs to the local Sunshine Coast bee keepers association.  To raise funds the apiarists group will be raffling Loraine's donated quilt for only $2.00 a ticket at the Nambour show - June 18th to 20th.  If you would like a chance to win this beauty, pop along to the show to meet Lorraine and grab a ticket.  
Of course if you can't be at the show, Lorraine will be selling tickets at the Cottage, or you could e-mail her via our group's e-mail,  fatquarternews(at)yahoo(dot)com and I'm sure she would love to sell you a ticket.

Sometime ago - before becoming an Apiarist, Lorraine spotted the fun bee fabric and snaffled herself a swag of it, which just goes to prove the old quilting lore..........if you see it and you like it..........grab it!
All those Suffolk Puff flowers in the borders were made using the different sized Clover Suffolk Puff tools,... you know, those ones we have in the Library!......

Arvo tea had some of the yummiest sangers, someone who had managed to miss the Kawana Quilters Do had also managed to miss breakfast and lunch, boy were the worms biting, those sangers were the answer,  egg and lettuce and asparagus with cheddar.

The mini cupcakes recipe with the Hazelnut Chocolate frosting is from The Crabapple Bakery Cupcake Cookbook.......would take a pic for you but my copy is getting a tad ratty, will put the coffee syrup cupcake recipe up in recipes......later........perhaps tomorow?
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