Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Fair Sneak Peek

Popped up to the Cottage for a little peek at the Goodies that will be offered for sale on Saturday, gosh our Cottage grounds look smart. 
 The amazing Gals and Guys who volunteer for this work, laying pavers, creating garden beds, including the sweetest little garden featuring a bird bath, obviously courtesy of the Potters group. and all the other hard work that goes into keeping gardens looking in tip top shape, these folk deserve a round of applause.

So, into the Cottage to our Patchwork Groups area, just in time to catch the gals hard at work...umm..packing up...really?
Yep - all done - beautifully, just look at the wonderful array of goodies all laid out for your perusal on Saturday.

The Juniors section, quilts, knee quilts, baby quilts, wall hangings, and stuffed toys, including a couple of 'monster' pillows.
Can't resist, here's a closer peek at those monsters along with some bags, table runners, a lovely little smock with bloomers and some more stuffed toys, along with a cute 'tooth fairy' pillow.

Very Japanese, the screen effect, the central panel, a lovely quilt.

More fantastic quilts.

Who doesn't love tractors?

What a choice of kennels Spot and his pals have to choose from.

A Teddy medallion next to an intricatly pieced 'stars and windmills' quilt with loads of other goodies spread along the table.

A closer peek at some cushions, and little clutches.
Really cute and useful half aprons, kiddies aprons, gardening gloves, a pastel strip pieced quilt and Sue's doggie banner.
Blue colour play quilt, cute wall hangings.

More of a Japanese flavour with Gisha girls and kimono's, along with some really bright table runners.
Quilts of a geometric design
 and lastly, Heather was just making sure all was ready to roll at 8a.m Saturday, with a couple of lovely bright quilts behind her.

and so, a small peek at some of the other groups set ups,

Karel from Fiber Arts was working hard at getting their lovely goodies displayed beautifully.  
Have really got to admire the talent of these lassies, the amazing creations, from the ever so useful hats, berets,scarves, capes and shawls.
onto knee rugs (Wow!! how about that 'Granny Square' revival) memories are that Granny Square blankets were made from scraps and leftover balls of wool, the modern crocheter is all about design and colour play!

and of course, the whimsical, who could go past a little chickie in his own knitted egg/bed and the delicious 'guaranteed no calories' caramel tarts, cupcakes and other delicacies.

Next stop was with the Machine Embroiders Group's area.
Took a little license, the lasses from Machine Embroidery were not around but, just wanted to give you a peek at the fab work these gals have produced for the Fair.
First up this stunner.

then there are baby bibs, baskets, toys...
hand towels, and so much more including some stunning banners and quilts.

Pam from the Needlework Group was just scooting out the door but pointed out some special pieces from her group, really, so many, so beautifully worked, so, so delicate..
Such as these feminine nighties, really, the stuff dreams are made of.
And just look at this beautiful smocking, not to mention all the other beautifully worked articles.
Need a card for someone you love to bits?   yep, there they are, just waiting.
along with so many other lovely creations.

Barbara and Pat were caught re-arranging the last of the goodies from the China Painters.
This lovely plate was an eye catcher.

along with this beauty and its cousins - such a sweet figurine and the tripple tile wall hanging
Pat 'fessed up, these nursery rhyme mugs are some of her work.
 and the of course others have worked on  other items such as the tinsy slippers, the egg cups and an array of plates.

The remaining groups will be setting up tomorrow, I guess you will have to wait and see what they have for you!!

 See You At The Fair

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Grandies Day at Patchwork

Two things combined to bring a number of Grandies to visit the Cottage today, sign in day, where everyone brings along their sale goodies for the Easter Fair, and school holidays.

One young lassie, bought along her flimsey for show and tell.
All her own work, done with guidance from Granny. 
Teddy has been hand appliqued, just look at the neat little stitches.
The little quilter even has her quilting design all worked out, first she will sandwich it and then she will hand quilt a heart around teddy.

Jan, our President, popped in to see how we were trucking along, seeing as the Cottage is in a bit of disarray, well, setting up for a Fair will do that, not to mention two young workmen creating the new office space! anyhoo, Jan just had to inspect the seams, boy was she impressed!

Being the talented lassie that she is, this little patchworker has her very own IPad, with her very own password no less, but don't you just love the screen saver? Talk about BLING!
The little Patchworker's brother was also at the Cottage, sporting a rather unique (to moi-never seen before) friendship band, made with 'Loom Bands'. 
He was only too willing to chat and fill us in on all the details, this one only took him about 25 mins to create.  He even went into the pros and cons of the various clip styles that can be had to fasten the bands.
Well, couldn't wait to share this wonderful new discovery with my little Grandie, scooted home, fired up the net, got the pics and tutorials up and called him in.....the result?...blase`! "Yeah Grandma, you just make them with those tiny little elastic bands"....oh, the disappointment!

Janice snaffled two Camelias from her Dad's garden to bring in to share with Marie, just couldn't resist a pic.

Courtney is continuing with her long-stitch of dolphins, well on the way to a stunning wall hanging.

Jenny, who accompanies Courtney to the Cottage has been knitting this beauty, he is a black Labrador looking back over his shoulder.
 Jenny says he may not look exactly like the pattern pic but she loves him.  All that is missing is his eyes, soon to be added.

Sue had her dogs banner all finished and ready for the Easter Fair, of course, she then decided to be coy, seems to be a bit of that going around!
Can't wait for tomorrow! Set Up Day! Yay!!, really starting to get excited about the Easter Fair, will pop up to the Cottage tomorrow for some sneak peek pics for you all. 

If you are in our neck of the woods on Saturday, pop in to say Hi and satisfy the creative inner you, there are many, many groups that make up our Cottage and all will have a myriad of goodies for Sale and browsing.

The Fair will start at 8a.m and run until 2.30p.m.

The Buderim Lions Club, Buderim Library and of course, our groups in the Buderim Craft Cottage all band together to put on this fantastic Easter Fair.
We are easy to find, the Memorial Hall  (Lions Club with the Library upstairs) is on the corner of Glouster Road and Church street intersected by Main Street, the Cottage is next door at 5 Main Street Buderim, opposite the State Primary School.
There is a small grassed area between the Memorial Hall and our Cottage, and there will be stacks of stalls all set up there as well.

Where:  5 Main Street Buderim
When:   Saturday 19th April 2014
Food and Drinks:  There are lots of food options available, both at the Memorial Hall and from our Cottage Kitchen where Patchwork Group members will be on hand to serve you luscious goodies to munch on as well as hot or cold drinks to enjoy while settling back for a well earned rest under cover on our garden patio.
Entry is Free and Food and Drink charges are very reasonable.
Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Only one week of stitchin' time left...

...before the Easter Fair, yep, sign in is next Wednesday 16th for our Easter Fair on Saturday 19th.

Wendy was putting the finishing stitches into the binding on this lovely that will be offered for sale at the Fair,

A scrappy, sashed squares design. 
Wendy machine quilted this one using the serpentine stitch in an 'X' pattern.

Marcia was also finishing off the binding on her charity quilt, destined for the SC-Koping group, a Sunshine Coast association of government and non government agencies, supporting kids who find themselves caring for their ill parents.

Debbi is about to launch into a new project with this lovely cross stitch kit that she received for her birthday.
Photos will follow as Debbi progresses with her project.

Janice is creating lots of table runners for the Easter Fair, she bought some along today to ask for advice on quilting designs and borders - "good advice" is what she said, well!, can you imagine some of the suggestions, intricate tiny little designs, 1/4" quilting, Maricia suggested 1/8" quilting!!
But after all the shenanigans, Janice had some good solid ideas to go on with.

Fae has completed another scrappy Q.A.Y.G. string quilt, this one with vibrant blue sashing and the same blue as the middle diagonal stripe.
Fae will be putting this lovely up for sale at the Easter Fair.

Tessa and Gwen were working on some little stars, 'Just to hone their hand piecing skills' WOW!!
 This is one of Tessa's little blocks, the precision is amazing.  Can't wait to see what they will create.

Gwen bought along a beautiful hand pieced and hand quilted lap quilt to share.
A closer look at some of that piecing and the lovely hand quilting Gwen has done on the solid blocks.
Just click on the pic to bring up a larger version to see Gwen's amazing work.

Ailsa was spotted having a bit of a barney...
yep, a hank of floss decided that it was just going to go the other way and get all tangled.

Wandering past Chris (who was busy chatting....surprise, huh) a tub of squares were spotted.  Remember that  paper she was about to attack and turn into templates last week? well....
lots of squares here.  The flowers are cut from strip pieced jelly roll strips and then fused to backing squares using fusible web.
Chris then buttonhole stitched around the flowers.

Karen is busy stitching some beautiful embroidery squares.

 This one - teddy and his topiary

Sue is still stitchin' dogs, of all varieties.  
The finished banners will be for sale at the Fair.

More of the scrappy string Q.A.Y.G. blocks made an appearance today.  They will be off to Val's to be transformed into another Charity Quilt.

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