Friday, June 11, 2010

Tinsy Hexagons on a Thursday......

...Yep Tinsy tinsy as 1/2", yes really!, the largest are 1 1/2" ....Got an email this morning from Thursday Group Leader Lorraine with some piccies without further are Lorraine's words and the pics............1/2"? I'm blown away, can you imagine the!

"Hexagon Fever" has well and truly hit the group lately following a visit to Ipswich by some of our girls to see "The Fabric of Society" show.  This show displays Australia's Quilt Heritage from Colonial Times to 1960.  Whilst there, the girls were "Blown Away" (their words) by one of the magnificent quilts made entirely of tiny hexagons!!  Jenny, Leigh and Jane have all decided to make their own quilts using these tiny 1/2" hexagons in beautiful Reproduction fabrics.  Jenny has already made over 2,000 of her 1/2" hexagons!! - Jane has constructed over 1,000 of her 1/2" ones, and Leigh has completed over 30 of the little ones!
Donna has passed the 100 mark with her 3/4" hexagons - also in Reproduction fabrics.   

Jane, can really get an idea of how tiny these hexies are when you see them between Jane's fingers....'tiny' just doesn't do it.  Jane is construting a 'worm' of hexies, (you can see the worm laying across the books binding) threading them onto a length of cotton, keeping them colour coordinated for stitching.

Stacks of flowers all set to be assembled and many more hexagons waiting to be stitched into flowers.
Jenny with her Two Thousand

A bit of a closer view of the lovely fabrics Jenny is using.

More lovely fabrics and completed flowers, petals being stored in a floss box, shows just how tiny these hexagons are.
Fiona has completed a beautiful quilt top using 1 1/2" hexagons, and Lorraine has made over 600 of the 1 1/2" hexagons using her lovely 1930's fabrics.  Hopefully we will have piccies in the near future.
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