Monday, November 4, 2019

More buttons than you can poke a stick at...

...really, miles of them.
Pam, from the Cottage Needlework group was coerced errahhmm.. asked very nicely to present a button necklace workshop to Patchwork group. Pam bought along just a few of her buttons, just in case anyone was missing that perfect button to complete their design.
That lovely plant was a Thank You from our group to Pam.

It was a fantastic workshop, lots of choosing of buttons and working on design layouts.

We even had young Alison along to give it a go,
Alison has been staying with Gran (Sheila) for a few days, and I guess from the lovely smile, she is rightly pleased with her necklace.
There were some lovely and innovative designs. Just a few here for you.

Marlene was one stoked lady, she popped into the local op-shop looking for a kiddies book and came away with this treasure, created entirely with stitched hexagons, both sides as well as the bottom.
Not only every hexagon with a pretty stitchery, but the bag is also lined and has cute little button feet. Marlene couldn't believe her luck at only a few dollars, she thinks she will be using this lovely for quite some time before re-donating it to the same op-shop.
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