Monday, July 18, 2011

Part 4 TREE-mendous Quilt Show 2011

Opening time - day one...lookin' good! and not just the quilts!
'Lawn Hill'
"Lorraine Carthew came to the Cottage for one of her fabulous workshops.  This one was creating landscapes using fabric to 'paint' the picture.  Hundreds of tiny little pieces were cut and arranged to create a 'photo' of a favourite scene.
This one from a recent holiday to Lawn Hill National Park.
Machine quilted in varigated thread to add highlights to the design".

'Never Ending Quilt'
"This is a Wedding Ring Quilt, 14" rings, 8 rows x 8 = 64 rings.
My friend Katie and I decided we would like to make a wedding ring quilt each, so on the 6/4/05 we went fabric shopping and found this fabric in the last shop at Indooroopilly.  We both were very happy with our purchases and drove home.  8 months later I said "Katie I think we should start our quilts or we may never finish them".  So we started meeting every fortnight, except during the holidays.  We cut fabric, read instructions, drank lots of tea, a glass of wine here and there over 6 years! giggled a lot and our quilts started to come alive.  My son Josh actually named this Quilt "The Never Ending Quilt".  He saw the fabric when I purchased it, we saw 100's of pieces of cut fabric in my sewing room and then he went overseas for nearly five years.  Before he left he cheekily said "Gee Mum it looks like this could be the never ending quilt the way your going"!  Josh returned home twice over this period for a week or two and it became a bit of a joke about my Never Ending Quilt.  Even on Skype he would ask "How's the Never Ending Quilt going Mum?!!"
Anyway I was determined to have it finished by the time he returned home but no, it wasn't quite finished.  Then Katie found her receipt with the date we purchased the fabric and I said right, I'm finishing it before 6/4/11 and the Never Ending Quilt was finished two weeks before this date.  I machine pieced the quilt.  I wanted to do some trapunto in the rings for a different effect so our lovely friend Gwen showed me how to do that which ended up being a very big job.  I hand quilted the whole quilt and I loved stitching every stitch.

"I found the quilt design in 2009 whilst looking through the February 2007 Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.  The quilt was designed by Rachelle Denneny and it caught my eye as it was in my favourite colours of pink and green, green being the most predominant colour.
Anybody who knows me knows that I especially love pink, so as I wanted this to be the predominant colour, I swapped pink for green in the pattern and added my other favourite colour - cream.  I love the 'olde worlde' look of the design with the 'Dresden Plate as the quilt centre, hence the name 'Nostalgia".  The quilt is machine pieced and I found the Seminole border especially challenging but very rewarding.
My quilt has been quilted by Fiona Bell, 'the Quilting Fairy' and after the quilt show will take pride of place in our bedroom, along with the matching pillow shams and cushions that I have made to go with it.

'Life is a Celebration'
This quilt was a block of the month in the Homespun Magazine last year.  I loved the blocks because each of them were about something in my life that was important to me".

'Funny Farm'
"Design by June Gilchrist.  Made for a great grand daughter (not mine)
Applique and piecing by machine."

'Just Go For It'
"A quilt made for a display in the Shoalhaven Art Gallery at Nowra.  My thoughts were 'If its to be 'arty' just go for it and do something out of the square".  The fabric told me how to do the quilt.
I designed it, machine pieced and machine quilted by owner, with some trial and error.

"The quilt is a combination of hand stitched and machine pieced blocks.  The flower pattern was taken from a really OLD book borrowed from a friend.  The flowers were appliqued with blanket stitch by hand and the rest of the quilt just evolved from there.
It was completed in November 2010 after many years left sitting in the cupboard unfinished, waiting for the final border.
Machine quilted with additional hand quilting around the flowers".

'The First Dream'
"Joining the patchwork group to be with friends, I was pressured after sometime to start "something" rather than just chatting.
Not being a needlework, or crafty person, I was handed materials and designs by Desrae, my mentor, to make a cushion, which was rather daunting.
However, 3 cushions later, the thrill of the challenges and the pleasant outcome I decided to turn the work into a quilt!
Playing with colours and choosing patterns from the book 'Baltimore Bouquets' by Mimi Dietrich and designing my own patterns became a joyful and relaxing time.
The final quilting design on the border was worked by Rosemary, a professional machine quilter, giving the quilt a rather romantic touch.

photo courtesy of Janet.
"750 Suffolk Puffs using 1930's fabric. 
My first love is crazy patchwork.  It's a very intense, very complicated and very beautiful form of patchwork.  Every now and again I like to do something mindless and I just sit and make endless Suffolk puffs.
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