Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Congratulations, Thank You's, an abundance of goodies with the Second Row x Row Reveal

What a day! Firstly it was our Monthly meeting which was jam packed with items to be discussed and then our Annual meeting to present accounts and more importantly elect new office bearers.
Congratulations Sheila on being re-elected leader and Congratulations to the many other girls who have kindly become office bearers, without your hard work and donated time our group would not be the success that it is, and a Very Big THANK YOU to the outgoing office bearers who are looking forward to a very well earned rest.
This little man, who has visited with us before would like to offer these lovely chocolate strawberries to you all, for jobs well done. And just in case you are wondering, yep, that little mouth is full of chocolate strawberry.

This quilt was waiting on display when we arrived, some blocks had been unearthed in a cupboard clean out by Sue and Janet a couple of weeks ago - yes, just a couple of weeks ago, Sue was caught giving it that sideways look that we are all coming to recognise as instant inspiration. The blocks had been donated to us awhile back by long time Cottage member Thelma, and I recognised one of the blocks that Ailsa had been working on to finish. This lovely quilt truly is a work from many hands. It hasn't been decided yet weather to put it up for sale or to use it as a fundraising raffle.
This very disappointing pic of the most darling little baby girls quilt from Sue, palest pink and white dotted Swiss voile, cross hatched by ruffled ribbon with a decorative pink thread
In an effort to show more detail, this close up. It really is so sweet, I'm sorry the pic doesn't do the quilt justice.
Catty has really gotten into the swing of the Christmas Fair with lots of decorations, these cute stuffed apples, with a real stem
and loads of other cuties just waiting to decorate some lucky new owner to be's Christmas Tree, or maybe even be used as gift decorations. Now what do you suppose the resourceful Catti is using to hang her goodies from?
Betty has taken tessellations to Christmas with her 'Santa Bag' and has another two panels ready to become Tote number 2. With a bag like this Christmas shopping would be a delight.

This next pic must not be viewed by Denise's sister...........please close your eyes and scroll down, at least 16 clicks of your mouse - yes I just counted, at least 16 please and just think of the lovely surprise you will soon be getting you lucky girl.
Denise made this innovative bag for her Sis, no reason, Sis just mentioned she needed a new bag, and so soon she will have one, and why is it innovative I hear you ask, the handle and bag body are all one piece, the bag is joined through the middle, which is why Denise subtly decorated the front with applique circles, you can clearly see the seam on the back in the above pic.

Along with the Santa Bag, Betty has also been making Christmas Decorations, these lovely little Christmas trees, they would be so cute hanging in windows.
'Paper Angels' was Janet's bring along project for the year, just to fill in the few spare moments between her Cottage duties, a lovely BOM that not only made a fab quilt but also left Janet with a monthly collection of templates to be used on other quilts.
Another Pink quilt, this one from Marie, she called it a hybrid, - well no she didn't, but its the wee small hours as I type this and for the life of me I can't think of the word she used! - the most beautiful machine embroidery blocks, all quilted together.
Aren't these anthropomorphic embroideries lovely?, there is such detail in each one and the alternate blocks with embroidered flowers and sweet wishes.
ROW x ROW REVEAL for the Second Group
ADDENDUM:- Wow, am I a lucky duck, both Marie and Elaine are home so their row x row creators are now added to their reveals. Thank you girls.
The excitement was mounting throughout the day towards the second group's row x row reveal.
This colourful set of rows are Val's, she set the theme of her quilt with the top and bottom rows, Marie V. chose Ohio Stars, Elaine did the own choice row, Judy the 9 Patch, followed by Sue with the Log Cabin blocks, Lyn S with the Flying Geese and Ailsa did the flowers row.
The next reveal was Marie V.'s rows and what beautiful and detailed rows they are, how sad that I was unable to record who did what rows for Marie, she was off out the door before I could turn around...........well not quite, I was a wee tad disorganised trying to record and take the pics and thought that I would catch Marie, Elaine and Val at the end of the day, managed Val but lost Marie and Elaine, ack..... will update these rows as soon as I can, sorry folks.

The update, for Marie's rows. Marie started her rows with the blue birds and birdhouse on the top row, Lyn followed with the floral swag, Ailsa made the Log Cabin Blocks, and the 9 Patch blocks were done by Sue, Judy followed Marie's lead and created 'Blue Birds of Happiness' for the own choice row, next Val did flying geese and Elaine did the stars.
Next we had Lyn S.'s rows, lovely browns and golds, Lyn set the theme for her quilt with the group of star blocks in the center of the rows, Val did the stars on the top row, followed by Judy's Log Cabin, Elaine the 9 Patch and Sue the applique flowers. Marie did Honey Bees for the own choice row and the Geese were done by Ailsa.
The next quilt to be revealed was Sue's. Sue started her quilt off with a Japanese theme with the fans in row 4, Ailsa did the stars row, with Marie following with the Log Cabin blocks, Val did the 9 Patch and Lyn S made these cute 3-D kimonos as the own choice row, they certainly were a hit, followed by Judy S's Flying Geese row and finished with another 3-D row of flowers by Elaine.
Then we had Judy S's reveal, and there were a few gasps and giggles when Judy announced 'but girls, you know I don't like purple'!, she is such a tease that girl, she lives in a purple house for heavens sake! yep, purple in all its shades everywhere so this quilt to be is really going to fit right in.
Judy started the row with the vine and little yellow house, which yesterday she wished she had had just the right purple fabric for, perhaps when we see the finished quilt that house will be purple!

The first row of stars was done by Sue, with Marie doing the flowers in jugs, followed by Val's Log Cabins, the 9 Patch was done by Lyn S. with Ailsa choosing Jacobs ladder for own choice and Elaine did the Flying Geese.
Ailsa started her rows off with the tessellated triangles in the 4th row, Marie did the 9 Patch blocks, followed by Sue's Flying Geese and the Flowers by Judy , Val choose to do Pinwheels with a central block of applique toadstools for the own choice row, then the stars row by Lyn and lastly the Log Cabin by Elaine
The first rows to be revealed were Elaine's but again, missed getting that info, hopefully Elaine will be home this a.m. and I can update for you all.

The update for Elaine's rows.
Elaine set the mood for her quilt to be with a pictorial row featuring houses in a floral wreath, the Flying Geese and houses row was done by Marie, the stars were appliqued by Judy. Ailsa interspersed the 9 patch blocks with other designs, Val did the flowers, Sue chose to applique layered hearts for the own choice row and Lyn did the Log Cabin blocks.
The first row x row reveal girls were to add their own choice row and bring their flimsy in for a showing, well I'm not sayin' nuttin' 'bout no slackers, BUT, just two flimsies to display!, just because you are all away on Holidays...........really girls, oh yeah and there was that person who just bought along the rows, no flimsy, just rows, not even sashed!, oh well I'll try to do better next time.
But here is Janet's flimsy, Janet decided against another row as her quilt is to be a wall hanging. It looks spectacular.
Wendy bought the second finished flimsy along, she added the bottom row of squares in squares to make her length perfect and also added the rail fence border. There was some discussion yesterday and the decision has been made to add another narrow blue border from the same fabric as the sashing. Congratulations girls, great flimsies, can't wait til next year to see all the finished quilts.
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