Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A blast from the past and Julies tinsy hexies

 If you are one of the early birds to read today's blog, there has been a whopper of a mistake.....Pop down to the bottom to read about Wendy's Library Bags...........not only has there been help making those wonderful bags but more help is needed.  And to the wonderful Machine Embroiders Group who made the, so sorry for my mistake.

Noticed Marcia and Meg in a huddle over one of the magazines Marcia had bought in to share around, Meg flipped it around to show.........It was an article in Down Under Quilts on the 1988 Caloundra Quilt Show, and there, in pride of place, was a pic of Meg's quilt!

Inspired by a quilt designed by Barbara  (?? embarrasement...I have misplaced the ladies name.  I will add it as soon as I find it again- sorry.) and based on a log cabin block, it was a very heavy quilt.  When Meg dropped it off to be hung she mentioned to the co-ordinators that it was heavy........little did they realise just how heavy.  It just about bought down the house....literally.  I bet there is someone out there who can fill in that story!
Meg no longer has the is one of the many that she has given away.
The pic was taken by B.A. Moore

We were all very interested to see Julie arrive today, clutched under her arm was a 'square' surrounded by bubble wrap.  Yep!, it is her finished wall hanging.  Some of you may remember pics in the past of the tinsy little hexies that Julie has been working on, all to create this wonderful piece. It has been stretched over a frame ready to hang in what is becoming quite a modern trend on quilted wall hangings.
Some closer views of the 'vine and pot'
Heather bought along her current flimsey, borders are the next step for this vibrant kiddies quilt, though Heather spent today knitting tinsy things, yep, good guess, Heather has a new grandie in her near future.
Sue was back with us today, lots of excitement in her world with goodies arriving and being unpacked, it's amazing what you find..........and just how long ago did you start these place mats Sue????
 Sue also bought along her recently completed 'stars and clouds' quilt in blues and white with splashes of yellow, to share with us.

Janice was presenting a workshop on wrist pincushions, Marcia was particularly taken by the cardboard barrier to prevent pins sliding through into the wrist.........didn't stop someone (who will remain nameless) from grabbing the cushion for a better look and sticking themselves on the needle though!
Catti came prepared - and with a brilliant idea - pop a curly girl (or a stainless steel scourer if you don't come from my neck of the woods) into the center of the wadding.  Keeps the pins sharp!!
Sheila had a go at the disappearing 9-patch when it was all the go in our group, and wound up with this little orphan, she teamed it with a pretty floral border and backing and...viola, a pretty cushion for your sewing room.
Caught Jan doing some extremely scientific and accurate measuring, not just once but twice, and then she was off, more crocheting to be done.
More needlework in the 'creating' phase, Marguerite left this pretty block lying on the table, just had to bring you a pic of it and Christine is back-stitching around the design on a sweet quilt panel.
Wendy has been busy making Library bags for some school children, with their names embroidered to boot.  Wow! Lucky kiddies.
My humble apologies to the lovely Ladies from the Machine Embroidery Group for the inaccurcies of the Library bag story.  
The Machine Embroidery Group was asked to make Library bags for 30 children, names were supplied and as you can see, the Ladies got out their machines and promptly created these lovely bags.  

As we all know, Ipswich was one of the many badly flood affected areas, and these bags are off to one of the schools in the area.  There is now a request for another 60 bags for another 2 schools, no names this time, so Wendy bought some of the finished bags along to Show and ask the Patchwork group if they would also be willing to create some bags as there is a rather small time window to have them completed by.  
The bags will need to be handed in to Wendy by Wednesday 30th. March, just 2 weeks away!!
Each Library bag needs to measure 16" x 18" with a double pull cord closure.  They don't have to be lined and any strong fabric is fine, including the rubber backed curtain fabric as some bags could then be used for 'wet bags' for swimming activities.  Wendy has also suggested that you could use any orphan patchwork or applique blocks to decorate the front of the bags.  
Hopefully we can all pull together and present a pile of lovely baggies to Wendy for these little kiddies who have lost so much.

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