Sunday, June 23, 2019

Old P.O. window and E.J. Foote War Memorial Sanctuary

Sheila has been visiting the Old Post Office in Buderim and snapped the great display set out by Lorraine I. to help foster interest in our quilt exhibition next weekend.
Purchased and restored by the folks from the B.W.M.C.A. and used as a community information center, the front window is available for community events for advertising purposes.

Another great Buderim asset, and our charity of choice for the funds raised by our Quilt Raffle, is the Eric Joseph Foote War Memorial Sanctuary, or Foote Sanctuary for short, its a great place for quiet walks or family picnics, these opening words from the Weekend Notes site and written by Elaine, describe it perfectly
'A precious pearl in the crown of Buderim - a secret place only the locals appear to know about!',
Follow the links for a great read on both the O.P.O and Foote Sanctuary along with an astounding number of links on Weekend Notes to both Buderim and other local sites of interest, - never stuck for something to do or somewhere to go in our neck of the woods...yep, bragging, but its true...just lurve the Sunny Coast and all of it's wonderful communities.
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