Tuesday, October 6, 2009

iQuilt Free Online Magazine

Sheila has sent us a link to an online magazine, '----iquilt---- for material girls online'.
Thanks Sheila, its a great site, really got lost in the site.

It's put together by two Aussie girls, Nora Buckley, who's background is in Mechanical engineering, (how often do you discover that! great quilters often have either an engineering or math background) Nora's blog can be viewed here and then there is Alison from aliquilts that you can see at this web spot.

The magazine looks fantastic, with lots of historical reviews, check out Hodgens Gown when you visit, not to mention the 9 years quilt, then sail on through all the back issues to January '08.
This is a wonderful magazine, full of all the things a quilter holds dear to her heart, not sure why it seems to have slipped under my radar, must have been a 'head in the clouds' day when it first surfaced.

Most of the articles are free but you need to register, easily done, just scroll down on the sidebar to 'Subscriptions to iQuilt are now available' click on 'read more' and a new page will load. Continue to follow the prompts and you will eventually be subscribed.

So pop on over here to sign up for your free magazine, make a coffee and kick back to enjoy another great online resource!
And if you are really enjoying this wonderful endeavour, consider subscribing, its only $26 for a years subscription of 6 mags, so less than $4.50( Is my maths right?? that seems awfully cheap, and best of all ...........they come to you, right into your inbox. How cool is that.
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