Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quilts galore.......... for families and our Easter Fair

So exciting, the very first thing to be spotted when entering the Cottage today was 'Love is all Around',  Sheila's quilt for her DS and DIL, we have seen some of the blocks in progress as Sheila worked on them with a deadline in mind, the quilt is for her DS's 40th Birthday and will be presented to him at a family celebration.
Sheila designed each of the 9 blocks, although based on Drunkards Path, to have a meaning for the family.
Top Left is Crazy Patch, not sure if Sheila said for a crazy Mother or a Mother who is hooked on Crazy, but it is full of love, see the cute line of machined hearts?
Center is the Turtle for the favourite family holiday spot of Bargara and top Right, the gum leaf, is for Dad the Forrester
The middle blocks are Rockets for the Rockhampton Rockets basket ball team,  the Rockhampton Customs House, easily recognisable to any Rockhamptonite as the chatter around the table confirmed, and then the Angel is for DIL, 'she is an angel and her name means angel'
and lastly the bottom 3 blocks are for the 3 children, the basketball and sports lover, the little guy who is so into diggers and tractors - as all young boys seem to be and their daughter, a star who loves stars.

Sheila is not a hand worker, although 25 years ago she said she would never make another Drunkards Path so maybe sometime in the distant future this too could change, but she did hand stitch the binding down......the whole 9 meters of it!

Betty had several quilts for us to drool over, firstly the finished Teddy Bears, that we have seen in the works
 and the cute little hearts quilt, both of these beauties are for Sale at the Easter Fair. 
Sometime ago Betty made a very nice quilt for her son, her Grandson the pilot clapped eyes on it and wanted one for himself, so Betty will be presenting him with this lovely quilt she made and quilted herself for Easter.
Christine, who is on the WIP warpath, bought this lovely wall hanging along, 'finally finshed' she bought the pattern at the Quilt show in Brisbane, but when???...........who's telling!

Wendy spotted this really cute yarn and just had to give it a go, she knitted 2 rows of the yarn with the bobbles and then 2 rows of plain yarn alternatively, it is for her Grandson, Wendy was a bit disappointed that the pink was so obvious but we all came to the conclusion that the little Guy will just love it to bits as the texture is so soft and yummy.  Marcia suggested a flannel blue border to bunk up the blue content, we will see, probably next week at the rate that Wendy zooms along.

Of course while we are all having fun down the back, there was some hard work being done in the other rooms, signing in the piles, yep piles of quilts, runners, wall hangings, bags and numerous other goodies for the fair. 

 Maureen took a 2 second break to smile for the camera and then tell me to go play somewhere else or she would give me a job..........I was gone in a flash.

And then it was time for Arvo Tea, just as the hoards arrived to start setting up their tables and goodies for the Easter Fair.  It promises to be a beauty...............again..........of course - Just a little biased there folks.
The Darling is waiting to whisk me off to Brisbane to see a show, James Taylor and Carole King no for any typos, or other silly things, sorry, gotta go........will fix 'em tomorow.
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