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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Caterpillar that grew, A Jacket and Getting the Maths right

A visit from Pauline Rogers last week solved a rather pressing problem for Wendy.  The much loved caterpillar quilt made for her Grandson's first birthday was just too small for his big boy bed, The request had been in for a bit to extend the quilt and using Pauline's idea, this is the result.
No longer a cot quilt but a single bed quilt!
Wendy added borders of lime green and a print fabric from the very hungry caterpillar line, she joined the new borders to the quilt using a bright purple sashing.
 Wendy didn't have enough of the backing fabric for the extensions, so simply used a different fabric which created a border effect on the back of the quilt.

Gwen was proudly showing a wonderful creation made for her some years ago by a dear friend and recently re-fitted by another dear friend.  A wonderful warm Jacket of wearable art.
There is an amazing variety of quilting and stitching on every part of Gwen's Jacket, lots of pintucking, some with beading, some with tinsy prairie points peaking from under a pleat.
Double needle stitching using different threads created other points of interest, such as the cross hatching panel running down the the back of the Jacket as well as part of the sleeves.
A closer view of some of the wonderful work on this stunning Jacket.

Lyn, along with her Sister-In-Law, was recently invited back to Norfolk Island by the Principal of the Norfolk Island Central School ( coincidentally - her Brother-In-Law ) to help out with a great idea for a school project.  It had been decided to have the textile class girls design and create a quilt each.  Lyn and her Sister-In-Law were to help with the calculations and quilting expertise.
The result is 5 stunning quilts.

These pics and others of some very proud and smiling lasses wrapped in their creations arrived last week and Lyn very kindly bought them along to share. 
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