Wednesday, June 11, 2014

An exciting weekend is promised....

...yes, finally!!   it is here!, well almost, only 2 days to go to the opening of the 'Moody Hues-Emotions in Colour' Textile and Art Exhibition, where you lovely folks will be able to 'soak up the ambiance' of the amazing pieces on display and for sale and also be invited to vote on our Lyn Ballinger Challenge.

 Lyn C. was busily getting things organised for the show, but took time out to model some scarves for us, no, she isn't chayacking around, modeling is what is going on here...yeah...really.

For anyone who isn't in the know, Lyn Ballinger was one of our Group's members, an extraordinarily talented needle woman and quilter, who believed that there was no such thing as 'unworthy' quilts or needlework, everyone has to start somewhere.  Lyn also believed that there were many craftspeople who did not know the value of their own work, and as such she put the idea to our group of an anonymous challenge, where the group is given a brief, and as they then submit their work to 'she who does not judge', the organiser for that year, their work is given a number which is not revealed until the day of judging.

We hold the Challenge every year, and it is a big part of our Biennial Quilt Show, on the alternate years, the ever so accommodating gals from the Fabric Arts Group incorporate our Challenge into their show to allow for the Viewers Choice voting by members of the public, for which we are rather grateful.

 Now our Sue, who is also a Fabric Art member and Lyn  from the Fabric Art Group, were busily setting out their floor plan, and while they worked on that, someone who will remain nameless snuck into the back room for a sticky,...........ooooh,......I  that sneaky person, can tell you there are some amazing and delicious pieces already on site, nope, can't share....the owners weren't there for permission, but Sue and Lyn were, so her are a few peeks of their work for you.

My fave....this silk piece, discovered under wraps and resting up against the office wall, it is stretched over a frame, like a painting canvas....for wont of a better description, wow, the possibilities.

Now the gals have a visual feast of goodies for your enjoyment but they also have some very interesting props to give the exhibition pizazz, lots of eye candy will be there for you to rest your eyes on, but really, what are Sue and Lyn up to here????
I guess we will all have to wait for the opening to find out...
Hope to see you at the Exhibition.  Take a peek at the side bar for details.

It is amazing just how many charity quilts Patchwork Group have created for Najidah. There will be a presentation of quilts on the 25th June, so gals, if you need to put some finishing touches to a quilt - fly along, get it done- but if life gets in the way, don't despair, there is always the Christmas presentation.

Lainey, 'Queen of all fabric Purple' decided on reflection that this quilt was just too purple, so she appliqued a lovely sunny potted flower to it,
 Karen came up with this design, beautifully machine quilted on her new D.S.M.

Courtney has been working on a lovely piece of embroidery, the kit was a gift from her Grandma, Courtney has lovingly stitched this piece and is nearing completion, However, when Val was admiring Courtney's work, she mentioned that the piece now had to have a crochet border, that is the reason for all those tinsy little 'holes' around the border....I think Val has a new job in the near future!

Another 2 quilts have surfaced from our Jelly Roll race from some weeks back.
Lainey, had trouble with her fabric selection, she used a half Jelly roll that she is not sure how she came to own and supplemented it with some black and white strips from her stash, sadly she found the jelly roll strips just didn't want to play happily and kept distorting, so working on the theory that 6" strips wouldn't have too much opportunity to distort, she did a bit of slicing and dicing and re-arranging and came up with this winner.  It is for a very lucky little 8yr old lad.
Marcia, who for some reason or other (I have heard her Darling is involved) has un-stitched and restitched her flimsey 3 - your read right! 3 times! bought it along to sandwich today but for one reason or another, didn't get around to doing it.  Does that mean she has to have another two goes at sandwiching??

Some weeks ago, Marcia with the blessing of pattern maker Leanne Beasley of Leanne's House donated all the patterns for this wonderful quilt to our Library. 

Marie V. had this really darling baby quilt to share with us, it is for her...wait for it.....
Great, Great, Great Grandniece..............
dunno about you but but we were all impressed!
 Some close ups of the fussy cut bears with the ever so neat blanket stitch

The final pic of Wendy's 'Ocean Voyage Quilt', the last stitches have been done, who will call this beautiful quilt theirs I wonder...

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