Thursday, July 29, 2010

Viewers Choice Winner

The Results are in, the Viewers Choice winner for the Lyn Ballinger Challenge is........
Lola!  Lola's entry also won one of the Highly Commended awards from Jenny, our Challenge Judge.
Lola's prizes included a very handy gift voucher, a certificate and the use of our quilt stand perpetual trophy for the next year.
And in no particular order, except the prize winners in the first pic, here are all the Challenge entries with the name of their creators and of course a pic of our lovely Judge.
To get a better view of these lovelies, just hover your mouse on the pic and give it a click, a new page will open.  To return to the post use the back button at the top of your screen.

Look what I found on entry number nine..........well yes, truth be told, look what was pointed out to me on the side of Barbara's entry....the cutest little knitted cat, all dressed up with a pretty beaded collar, you can see how I missed her can't you, hiding behind the flowers at the bottom.  Barbara is also working on the black and white cat in the bottom you think she may be a cat lover??
Janice presented a class on ruched roses or flowers, depends on how you squint your eyes at the finished rose?
The pink gingham is the ruching in progress, followed by a finished rose, and a petaled flower almost finished.
No other show and tell .....lots of researching and chatting about ideas for the fair and I know there was definitely an arvo tea, but I had the opportunity to dash off and collect the Grandies from school....Yay!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quilts, Classes and how we use our language

There was a bit of a startled 'look around' last week when someone was talking of using orphans to make a quilt, don't know if the thought was more along the lines of  'what a good idea'   or   'is that allowed?'.... of course it was orphan blocks that were being referred to, well... that was all sorted and we had a bit of a giggle, well not as big a laugh as when the girls were getting ready for Gwen's class of the items on the requirements list was a compass.......Catty, for the life of her couldn't see why you would need one, but it was on the list, so..........
she bought along a compass!!
One of the cool uses for the compass.....the other kind of compass, was how to draw up hexagons,
now where was that little bit of knowledge when I needed it??, You make the radius the same measurement needed for the side of the hexagon.  Cool huh!?  Looking forward to learning lots more tips from Gwen as she takes us through her Beginners Hand Quilting Classes.
Some of the girls, wrestling with the creation of templates, all agreed by the end of the day that it really was easy, once you got the hang of it.
While some were learning new skills, others were enjoying their friends company, Louise was researching ideas to use those pretty circles she has in front of her, and Sadie was really getting stuck into those black hexies.
while Fae was way ahead with her Pink Hexies
all will be revealed at the Christmas Fair, yep, the gals are gearing up for Christmas.......

Fran crocheted two cloche hats, a white one and a steel blue one, both decorated with cute little yarn flowers.  She bought them along to show us, so of course, had to ask her to model one for us...
Innes donated some offcuts from a quilt backing to Val, who promptly added some plain fabrics and turned them into another charity quilt using the disappearing 9 patch design.

Janette bought along her ditch quilted 'I Spy', looking for some inspiration for further quilting on the blocks,

The backing was bought before the quilt was assembled and there just wasn't enough fabric (how often does that happen?!) so Janette was rather thrilled to find a purple and orange that toned in beautifully,
With such a pretty and vibrant backing this is truly another reversible quilt.

Lorraine has finished her 'Orphan' quilt, who would think it was orphans??
The flying geese and strip blocks were from a paper piecing class that Lorraine did, the toile center of the medallion was from a hand quilting class...
and the double 9patch blocks were from last years Row x Row, after making 16 of them, Lorraine then changed her mind and decided on different blocks for the RxR, moral to the story?  when doing classes always use some of the same fabric!  you can then turn the orphans into a stunning quilt! Lorraine even practiced her new embroidery stitching skills to make the label for her quilt.
She then used this continuous quilting design to practice her machine quilting skills in the medallion border.
Arvo Tea saw us scoffing down smoked salmon, yummo, lovely date cake, a buttered slice (didn't manage to get even a crumb of that one) lovely biscuits and some of Fran's shortbreads.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lyn Ballinger Challenge and Luncheon.... borrow some modern day slang OMG!  and where to start, the wonderful challenges and beautiful work done?, the laden luncheon table?, desserts? (personal fave there) the stories?, the secrets (really?! shoulder pads made that beautiful creation!!!) ...

I will start by showing you our only item of Show and Tell, before it gets totally overwhelmed.  This lovely vest, created by Sue using Japanese fabrics and vertical, close quilting, a little something that Sue will be offering for Sale at the Christmas Fair.....Oh, and a bye the bye......wait until you see what Sue has created for her entry into the Fabric Artists Fair that it being held over the next two weeks.....a pic and more at the end of the post.

I guess the beginning of the day is the best place to start, while we were all arriving there was a lot of behind the scenes work going on, Beryl and Fran, our 'Professional Luncheon Co-Ordinators, appropriately attired in aprons and a tiara (No...Fran didn't share, tut tut )were waving their wands,
giving orders, and making sure everything was just 'so', for our Luncheon, the tables were decorated with lovely created flowers, I reckoned I could gather a huge bunch for a pic at the end of the day............but someone beat me to 'em......

Maree arrived with the most amazing Hibiscus blooms, my goodness OMG! the colours, the blooms, singles, doubles whatever you could imagine, all grown by her and her Darling in their can see how these amazing blooms won so many awards at the recent Horticultural Show, they soon adorned our serving and buffet tables.  Thank you Guys, we always love to be so spoiled by your donation of wonderful blooms.
The Princess Duo, Fran and Beryl - being the Professional Luncheon Co-Ordinators that they are, had gone to some trouble decorating our Buffet table, with flower garlanded baskets to hold napkins etc, 'crazy' patchwork tablecloths and 10 paper cutout ladies/lasses/gal/girls all holding hands, one for each letter in the word 'friendship'
how could we not be in the mood?
There was also a trio of work on display in the corner, two very nice jackets, one longer, a cream with applique blooms, vines and leaves that Fran did at a workshop at the Cottage some time back, and the lovely blue one that Lorraine I. created.
Now see that draped mannequin between them?  nothing to do with us...uh uh...the fabric artists had a few of these shrouded figures stuffed into corners....very intriguing!
The third item on display was this fabulous item that Beryl came across in an op shop, thankfully she just couldn't leave it behind.  It is stitched onto pieces of fabric, and then stitched into a full length garment, it has a full length zipper down the front and Beryl thinks it is an old dressing gown, I could just see someone donning this to do the house cleaning.  Would love to know it's story.

While we were all out in the Atrium, some working hard, some gossiping, but all having a darn good time, there were 'goings on' out in the Garden Room......yep the Challenge was being judged and Jenny was having a bit of a time of hard to choose, I heard that she wanted to give extra prizes!!! way to go girls.

So, not to keep you in 'suspenders' any longer, here are the Winners of the Lyn Ballinger Challenge for 2010

1st Prize Winner   -   Lorriane H  with her (as she tells it) first and last crazy patchwork creation, but she did go on to say how much she loved all the embroidery stitching and the beading,..........wanna bet she doesn't get bitten by crazy??

2nd Prize Winner  -  Sue's lushly embroidered evening shoulder bag.

3rd Prize Winner  -  Lyn's evening hand bag, beautifully embroidered with silk ribbon roses
Our Luncheon, thanks to the work of many hands was delish, but firstly, drinkies were passed around, wine, champagne, o.j., etc. get the piccie....
then time for Luncheon........

loads of hot and cold Buffet food
 while we were all kicking back and relaxing, chatting and sharing tales and info of what we had come across this week, talk turned to an amazing story involving one of our Cottage members Pam, now Pam is one of those amazingly talented gals that seems to be able to turn her hand to anything,  a member of many of the Cottage groups she is currently experimenting in felting.
Well I hope I have the story right here.....Pam's daughter unearthed a rather good quality, but holey, jumper that had seen better days for Pam to play with.  Sadly/Gladly when Daughter presented said jumper to Mum...........there was a Grandie in the room......well Grandie fell in love with jumper, "Ohhh Gran, I could wear it with black tights" was the cry! ....You can fill in the blanks here.....nuff said, Gran decided to 'do something' with the jumper to fill those holes, can't have a Grandie waltzing around in a holey jumper!.
With a whole lot of talent, crochet, knitting and design ability, Gran turned an old holey jumper into this work of art!!
Pam used black wool to crochet the cloche hat, to balance with the leggings, found some cute buttons engraved with the letter L, the Grandies Initial, and put it all amazing is that!  Fran, 'cause she can, very kindly modeled the cloche hat for a piccie

We were then presented with yummy cakes, slices, apple cake with cream and fruit for dessert
Next it was the presentation of the awards as above, and the presentation of a juicily delicious tray of  local fruits as a thank you to Jenny in appreciation of all the time and hard work she has put into our group for this challenge, not only for the judging but also the workshops she presented and the wonderful show and tell of her  own pieces to inspire us.
A wonderful luncheon was had by all, and here for you are some collages of the entries to the Lyn Ballinger Challenge 2010 'Crazy Patchwork'
We all learned a lot, manual skills on handling slippery fabrics and stitching with velvet, learning new embroidery techniques and stitches but mainly appreciation of another facet of quilting.

Oh Dear, what was I thinking, or was I?? thinking that is, the voting for viewers choice has not concluded! no names allowed!, so here are the individual pics of the Challenges with names removed, names will be reinserted when judging is finalised.

and now, that promise of what Sue has been up to in the Fabric Artists Group, she let me take a little sneaky pic of this beauty, her entrant in the 'Vision 4' Wearable Art Exhibition'......Stunning! and the Grandies agree........oh, and that's also the reason why the post is late....sorry, Grandies visit, everything goes on should see the house!........well maybe not.
 Vision IV, the wearable Art Exhibition from the Sunshine Coast Textile artists from the Buderim Craft Cottage's Fabric Art and Surface Design Group, currently running in the Atrium Gallery of the Cottage,
5 Main Street Buderim until the 25th July, 9a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.
Entry by Gold coin, lots of lovely items for sale and we do have credit card facilities.......and if you pop along, you can see all the beautiful Challenge items and vote for your 'viewers choice'.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Judy and Marie's Show Winners

Have updated the Show Winning Quilts stand alone page gals, tab just above, but here is a quick peek of  the two quilts of Judy's that won prizes, and Marie's Machine Embroidered winner.  For closer looks go to the Winning Quilts page.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hand Pieced Kite, Bags and Hexies

Thursday night girls were treated to some lovely show and tell and thanks to Lorraine and her pics we can also enjoy the goodies.

Jenny C. brought along her beautiful 'Kite' shaped scrappy quilt.  This gorgeous quilt was hand paper pieced and hand quilted - mostly at Rugby matches and travelling whilst Jenny was watching her son play.  There is a possibility of a workshop in the future to show us all the technique.

A closer view of those beautiful fabrics and neat  points.

Jenny was also working on her new bag made out of those gorgeous tiny hexagons!  Her bag is made of Kaffe Fasset fabrics, and here it is laid out on the bag pattern. 

Jane was also working on her bag of the tiny hexagons - here she is with her one made in Japanese fabrics.

Elaine has made a great bag using a left over 'golf lady' panel, and she is taking it off to golf on Friday for a raffle.

Debbie loved the tutorial Janet showed us on how to make the needle holders, that she made this beautiful one for Jane for her Birthday.  Debbie added lovely pearls and beautiful lace and embroidery work.  Very pretty.

Following the tutorial given by Jenny C. some months ago on how to make the great little patchwork bags - whenever our group gets together we see them popping up on the tables with our notions inside - they are so sweet, and every one is different!
Thank you for sharing the Thursday night meeting with us Lorraine.
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