Thursday, April 7, 2011

Debby's Trunk Show

Another month has passed.......gee isn't that scarry, seems like just a few days ago I was posting last months Trunk Show for you to see.  This month we were treated to the wonderful work of Debby who has also organised the pics for us.  Thanks so much Debby.

Debby has attended crazy quilting classes with Jenny at Patchwork Angel for about 4/5 years.  She loves doing these classes with Jenny although she said it does make you a little crazy at times.

A pillow covered in embroidery, beads and buttons along with a cute mug bag that June demonstrated at a Thursday night meeting with some added 'crazy'

 3 pics of 3 sides of Debby's special little crazy box.  Another made with Jenny.

A large quilt bag with more crazy

And it just gets crazier!!  This is a 9 x 9" block encyclopedic quilt.  A wonderful idea to look back on for ideas with your next crazy creation!!

 Debs 1st quilt, her favourite, it's a bed topper.  She made the hexies about 15 years ago and didn't know how to put them together until she started with the Thursday night group about 7 years ago

 A mystery quilt was organised about 5 years ago. so Debs thought it would be good to get out of her comfort zone and make something different, she made it for her sisters 50th in her colours.  She loved it!

 Here is a scrappy quilt done on a Thursday night with Jenny.  About 9 girls joined in and they had great fun.  In front is a colourful Marinar's compass, another weekend course a few years ago.

 A photo of her wedding ring quilt in white, green and pink.  She started this 6 years ago this April.  Yeah it's finished! with Debby showing another 9 x 9" crazy sampler with help from Jenny in front of the Wedding Ring quilt.

 This photo shows lots of things Debby likes making in her spare time, stitcheries, making kids toys, dolls, crocheting, cross-stitcheries etc...

 A close up of the wedding rings.  Debby wanted to do Trapunto and Gwen offered to show her how it was done.  Gwen also showed Deb how to hand quilt which she just loves.  Thanks Gwen.
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