Monday, May 2, 2016

Finishes, lots of 'em

The gals have been busy busy over the past weeks,
First finish spotted, well, almost finished was Courtney putting the last stitches into the binding on her table runner.

Next finish spotted was Marcia, no not the quilt finished, the sandwiching finished, another 'I Spy' for another Great Grandie, with more really cute backing, snaffled at a recent sale--- gotta love a good sale!

Julie also had some finishes to share, these two amazing pieces of Reticello, the Italian version of Hardanger, same methods but with different stitchery patterns.
There are some great tutorials/demonstrations on Youtube, but mainly in Italian, so bonus, you get to learn a new hobby and brush up on your Italian!...or maybe just buy the book
Gwen bought her book of Il Reticello along some months back, Julie was captivated and created these two pieces.

A stack of finished charity quilts.
All ready to have their labels attached.  These are to join the masses of toiletries donated by local residents to join the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners for drought affected families in Western Queensland.  The initive was organised by local resident Pat Morris in conjunction with local M.P. Steve Dickson who's office is being used as a collection point.  Toiletries can still be dropped off up to Tuesday 10th May.  Wendy has machine embroidered the quilt labels and latecomer quilts can have labels attached next Wednesday 4th.

Last stitches done!
Courtney finished the binding, table runner all ready to go!

Julie is working on a 'charity quilt to be' for her other quilt group which was also lucky enough to be the recpients of a no longer needed stash, this piece is designed to be embroidered and Julie is enjoying the journey, a great bring along project.  She also had the cutest wooden box for transporting all the necessities and niceties, like the tinsy little change purse and cute little tin of mints both gifted by friends.

Jackie is beavering along on her Jack's Chain inspired pattern. Love this fussy cut hexie.

and now, time for a little in house bragging.
Remember a couple of years ago when the needlework group held their exhibition and yarn bombed everything in sight?
One of the many things that leader Pam bombed (apart from the family SUV) was a table converted from a chair, when Pam and her Darling were downsizing, the table was given to her grandaughter, who almost managed to keep it!
Mum, an optometrist, opened her new office in Maleny, and positioned the bombed table in a corner to create a kiddies reading area, it was spotted by a teacher from the Maleny Community Kindergarden who promptly commissioned Pam for another.
Sharing the finished commission with fellow yarn and fiber artists, said table was spotted by Cottage President Jan, who promptly took a pic for Graham to use in our newsletter, just had to share it with others who would appreciate the wonder of this piece. Thanks Jan and Graham.
If you want to see it in the flesh, you know where to find it, at Judi's optometrist in Bunya Street, just opposite the Maleney School, mind you, it might cost you a new pair of glasses, close examination of tiny stitches may be mistaken for bad eyesight and away you glasses!
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