Thursday, September 3, 2009

Row x Row reveal and Christmas Stars

The ever industrious Wendy took it to mind that a wall hanging wasn't quite the way to go with our Christmas fabric, last week we had all decided to elect Wendy to make the wall hanging for us, but she has come up with a different idea, Christmas Stars!

Wendy arrived with a big bag full of all the supplies necessary, every little obstacle we met, into the bag dived Wen to pull out a gizmo/gadget/solution to our problem. There was no escape!
So here's our table, making little pointy bits to turn into stars, Wendy ever so kindly cutting out the templates to keep us well supplied while the rest of the group tacked down the fabric, creating lovely neat little points, ohh and Wen, did you know there are 32 of those little pointy foldy corners on each star? hmmm?
Here is a better view of those beautiful freesias grown by Marguerite, took the pic at end of day, the tablecloth had been put away so Fran popped one of her hexagons underneath, makes such a pretty pic. Thanks Fran.
Marguerite showing off her first little pointy piece, with Fran busily stitching to the side.

Thankfully, err, unfortunately Janet then called us all to the front for our Row x Row reveal, gosh it was exciting, each row was laid across the table in the order they were made with our own row at the top.

Janet had said how pleased she was with how my log cabin row had turned out, so I jumped the gun, and pulled mine out for the first reveal, (not a very patient puss at times is me!). It is fabulous! Beautiful! Wonderful! After much ooohing and ahhing, and with a bit of a grin, popped it back into it's little baggie and grabbed the camera in time to bring you this feast of rows.

Barbara's rows were the next to be unveiled, Barbara does the most beautiful and neat blanket stitch and for her row gave us appliqued little yellow chicks set off by one little brown chic.
For Barbara's rows, Janet did the Flower Pots, Andrea the disappearing 9 patch with one of the 9 patch squares being a 9 patch, Heather did the stars on point, Lyn the Flying Geese and Wendy did the Log Cabin with the cute little apple centers.

Heather's rows were next, she started her rows with houses interspersed with pine trees.
Lyn appliqued flowers and set the blocks on point, Wendy sashed her 9 patches to form a secondary pattern, Barbara appliqued the moon and stars, Janet did the cunning combination of flying and loose geese with one side of the geese background forming a pinwheel and Andrea did the log cabin fence.

Lyn's rows were next to be revealed, she had chosen a Christmas theme for her quilt, starting us off with a row of Christmas trees,
Wendy followed with the appliqued holly and berries, Barbara did a double row of 9 patch, Janet the very cute Santa Stars, Andrea the geese flying in to decorate the tree and Heather the courthouse steps variation of log cabin with centers of Hellebore or Christmas Roses.

We then had Janet's rows, Janet also wanted a Christmas quilt and started us off with angels, wrapped presents, and a Christmas tree.
Andrea followed the theme with Appliqued poinsettia wreaths, candles and a central bowl of Hellebore, Heather's 9 patch made use of some HST's in the 9 patch blocks to form a secondary chevron pattern, Lyn did the varied star blocks, one of which she found in a net search with her surname, how cool! Wendy's flying geese row made a delightful row of Christmas trees and Barbara finished the rows off with appliqued Christmas themes in the center of her log cabins.

The last rows to be revealed were Wendy's, gosh, wasn't she patient to wait to the end?
Wendy started us off with a row of applique crazy patch hearts interspersed with appliqued flowers.
Barbara pieced hexagon 'Grandmas Flower Garden' blocks, Janet put a twist on the 9 patch theme with appliqued squares forming a secondary pattern, Andrea did a row of assorted star blocks, Heather did the most intricate flying geese and only after starting, realised just how many of those little suckers she was going to have to make and Lyn gave gave us a new variation on Folded log cabin blocks with an applique center.

Missed taking pics of my rows at the cottage, so here the are on our back deck, My row was inspired by a border on Kirsten Duncan's quilt, 'Blessing' to which I added rows of half hexagons to form well, hexagons actually. Done the easy way.
Heather followed the embroidery idea with beautiful appliqued flowers and Suffolk puffs, Lyn alternated the 9 patch with rails, a very cute idea, Wendy pieced piles of HST's to give me the Star blocks, Barbara chose a pink paisley to make the flying geese with the sweet stripped sashing, and Janet made the wonderful log cabin hearts. What made these blocks more of a challenge, a majority of the fabric used was from a Jelly Roll.

We all thoroughly enjoyed this swap and everyone was very pleased with their rows. The second group in the swap has 7 swappers, so they will have their reveal in 6 weeks time.

Show and Tell gave us more goodies to feast our eyes, with Lyn showing us her finished appliqued table runner, she is now off to make the table cloth to go under the runner, whew, that will be a big job.
New member Ja` showed a cot quilt that she made and donated to Janet for her babies charity.
And last piccie of the day, a 'get well' plant for someone we all miss and wish a speedy recovery and return to our group. Hope you are back with us soon Maureen.
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