Saturday, July 14, 2012

Beryl's Trunk Show

Beryl's Trunk show is a real collaborative effort of both Wednesday arvo members and Thursday night members, so thank you very much Debby, Letitia and Marie for all of your efforts.

Beryl is an active member of our groups, visiting the Trunk Show and Tell evenings as well as the afternoon meetings and when she volunteered to present her quilts the Thursday evening group were delighted.
Beryl told that she was bought up in a crafty family, and well remembers the first dress she made herself, all in orange and yellow fabrics.  
'Country Houses' is a friendship quilt started in 1998 and finished in 2000.  Beryl loves to collect nick nacks with a house theme so of course her request for the blocks in this quilt was for country houses.  A closer look at the blocks and some of the pins.
 Each block reflects the personality of the gal that created it and is greatly loved by Beryl.  The quilt also has many buttons and pins at sashing intersections.
Beryl's Darling built a special quilt hanger of rod and shelf above to hold some of the many little houses from her collection.  It is a special touch that adds to the display of this favoured quilt.  All the names of the creators on the quilt label.

Beryl was a member of the Nowra quilting group for many years and when an art gallery opened in nearby Shoalhaven the group was asked to create items to be hung in the fledgling gallery.  Using furnishing fabrics, Beryl designed and created this clever wall hanging reflecting on how we travel through life.
Beryl also wrote a poem titled 'Life is not Perfect' on the back of the wall hanging explaining her thoughts and the design for her piece.
We grow up in a controlled, ordered life
Then our days of freedom arrive
Our Wings take flight
To who knows where
We see the golden days
The perfect pinks
As well as the down brown days
Life goes on and we learn
About ourselves and others
In later life a pattern develops
As do the flowers and leaves
So we take charge of our lives
We accept the pinks, browns and golden. 

This cute bag was made in sampler style ( a great idea) using small blocks, the project could also be made into a wall hanging.
Hand stitched with blanket stitch. Yellow background with lots and lots of hearts and floral fabrics - very pretty. This quilt is a 'holiday quilt' started on a trip to W.A., Beryl completed all the hearts while traveling.

Very interesting quilt with nice colours of purples and yellows.  Beryl made this quilt in a class at Carbargo with Lyn Hewitt.

A quilt of spots in hexagon shapes, each block is formed by 3 hexagons of various colours.  Beryl bought a F.Q. of spotted fabric each week for some time, then made this fun quilt.  How clever.

Another quilt for the Shoalhaven Art Gallery.  Beryl designed and stitched this lovely floral quilt using bright and happy colours.  Very nice.

Beryl followed a Magazine pattern to create and machine quilt this very large multicoloured Snowball quilt.  It is gorgeous.

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