For Sale Quilts

A number of quilts were displayed as 'For Sale'. Some sold, some did not. If any of the quilts featured in the 2019 Exhibition photos tugs at your heartstrings, contact our group at the fatquarter news e-mail address at the top of the blog and we will get back to you, you can also contact us through the Buderim Craft Cottage, contact details are on the site or you can leave a message in the blog comments.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PINK........Pink..............ooohhh its a pink day!

Yep, all those lovely pink goodies purchased from you wonderful crafters and artisans at the Christmas Fair were right on the button. Call from Sis just a few minutes ago. She is a second time Granny to another lovely Little Girl, a cutsie pie was born to our sweet niece this evening. We are all sooo soo happy.

The Wednesday post, with lots of pics of our workshop will be posted tomorrow............sorry, hope you will all understand. Wow, a girl!!, in a family dominated by boys this is wonderful.

Ohhh, happy dancin' in this neck of the woods.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A New Free BOM

We have a new Freebie BOM in the sidebar. 'Lifes A Hoot' is Paula's new stitchery BOM.

The first month is available here, the cutest little stitchery owls with a lovely friendship sentiment.

Not only is Paula one of the Gum Tree Designers who are busily giving away freebie bundles and patterns but she also has other freebies at her Sew Little Fabric site Click on either of these links or use the 'Sew Much Time, Sew Little Fabric' button in our sidebar and follow the links.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Honeysuckle Cottage Sale

Kim from Honeysuckle Cottage is having a sale. A Big Sale!
There are over 500 fabrics with a few as low as $5 a meter which is just the ant's pants if you happen to need that particular colour for your stash - like a wonderful dark blue on page 4. Plaids for $7 on page 7 a beautiful Plum for $9.30 on page 9 etc etc
The majority of prices are $10 to $12.
There are border stripes and many panels, these two for Christmas are on Page 14 and 16 respectively and are most reasonably priced
Kim also has some lovely patterns, cheap as chips really. Isn't this just the cutest?
So pop on over to Kim at and tell her you found her on Buderim Patchwork. There are many pages of lovelies and goodies to look at and maybe even start your Christmas List.
To go straight to the sale priced goodies click on 'specials' on the bar under the Honeysuckle Cottage header or just click here and have a wonderful time.


Guess which little wandering member has made it to Canberra? yes Heather and her Darling made it through the dust storm - it was a lot heavier further south, and although their car and van are now a, not so becoming shade of reddish pink, they are having a ball and send you all "hello"s and hugs

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wonderful Chrissy Pressie Ideas and Inspiration

Just had to grab a coffee to settle the dust and of course have a little browse on the web as I sip. Checked out Creative Studio, and Judith has a post on Handmade Gifts for Men, she has a whole pile of wonderful ideas and there are many more in the comments left by others. Worth checking out. Just click on the Creative Studio button in the sidebar and enjoy, back to the dusting.

Dusty Day

Welcome back Sheila from a lovely holiday. The pics of the family shows a great time was had by all, those Grandies surely are just the cutest.

Our meeting was a little unsettled, the smell of dust was heavy in the air, there are excavations in the school grounds just across the road that we watched as we enjoyed our various lunches outside on the patio.

Shortly after lunch the pile driving started, that rhythmical pounding of pylons into the earth is enough to put anyone off their stroke, in fact I swear that some people were taking little jerky stitches in perfect timing with the pounding of that pile driver.

The smell of the dust was increasing and we still put it down to the excavations, never dreaming that the dust storm we had seen on tellie in the morning had arrived to bless us with a fine powdery coating of red, but as the afternoon wore on and the light turned orange it all became just too clear that the dust storm had arrived.

Val bought in her flimsy with a couple of variation blocks to show us. This is the workshop that Val will be leading us through next week, showing us just how she created this lovely small quilt.
Her flimsy usesJapanese prints but as you can see from the variation blocks, Kiddies prints or Brights would work equally well, as would any of your fave prints.
Val will be using her copy of the Christine Porter book, Tessellation Quilts, our copies have not yet arrived.
I ordered them from
Amazon has new shipping rates and talk about sticker shock! ouch!
Book Depository are more expensive per book but the free shipping makes up for it and brings them down to the cheapest place I could find anywhere to purchase books.
Insertion: At 10a.m. The Book Depository Website is not working, so let it go for a little bit and I'm sure it will be working soon. A.
Some time back, Janet made the most lovely crazy patch Jacket, but as it is quilted she found it was just too hot for our climate. Last week she took the sleeves out and converted it into this lovely vest.
Here, she is explaining where her new bag will come from............yep.......she is going to use the sleeves to make a bag to go with the vest - and if there is any left over she will make a hat and if there is any left over she will make mittens. Not one to waste the beautiful things in life is our clever girl.
The saucy mannequin pose.......Ohh la la, Janet!
And of course the view of the back of the jacket. Beautiful work.
And this is the view from the back of the Cottage car park looking over the escarpment down to the housing estate below.
There are areas in Australia that had it worse than us, but personally, having gone through Mallee dust storms, my heart sank when I saw that red dust coming in on a Northerly wind, knowing that I had left the north facing windows open to keep the house cool.
Everything has a fine talcum like dusting of red. No sewing today folks. See ya.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Machingers Machine Quilting Gloves and the Supreme Slider

Thought you might like to know a first hand experience of the Machingers quilting gloves and the Supreme Slider as recommended by Leah Day.

I found her Free Motion quilting tutorials and posted the info a little further on down the page or
An Update:
Quilters, Needleworkers, Bloggers, are all such lovely sharing and caring people. Joy, one of the talented Gum Tree Designers, left a comment on this post not only nice words and thanks but telling me how to do a link. Wow! and I can make it work! I know it does 'cause I tried it twice.
Thank you so much Joy!
You can check out Joy's blog by clicking on the 'JOYPATCH' button in the sidebar and while you are there enter her give away, or really get carried away and enter all 9 Gum Tree Designer giveaways for all the info and links either use the buttons in the sidebar or go here
Now I have seen other blogs that instead of having a great long link can hide it behind one single word. Well guess what?, haven't found out how to do that yet - not even sure what you would call the action so that I can google it. Ohh well, another learning curve, along with the free motion quilting, sorry, I digress, back to the gloves and slider.]

The gloves are great,nice and light so shouldn't be too hot in summer, rubberised finger tips really grip the fabric and elasticised wrists to give support and help guard against fatigue, the packaging blurb states ' for reduced fatigue and tension in hands, arms, shoulders, and neck'. Well that might happen with practice, but I can tell you that my shoulders still creep up over my ears, so more time spent practicing is a must.
Yes, you can fiddle with the cotton with the gloves on, but really, thread the needle?, again, maybe with practice, but to use your scissors or snips and to pull the bottom threads up is do-able.

A bit of a pig in a poke to guess the sizing, really it is more on the length of your hand/fingers than the width. I ordered the Medium/Large but would have been happier with a smaller size as the fingers are a bit long, another joy of short stubby fingers, gee such a long joyful list.

However because the gloves are stretchy, I found that to push the gloves up the fingers and seat them firmly, much as you see in old movies when some glamorous socialite was getting ready to leave the room, keeps the grippy fingertips at the end of your fingers and not hanging over the end in stitching space. No don't ask, the story is just too too sad.

The Supreme Slider is fantastic, soo slippery, and sticks nicely to the machine surface BUT, yep its a big 'but', if you have a top loading bobbin the first indication you have that you are out of thread is run out!, The mat is opaque and the bobbin is hidden. The mat has to be picked up to keep an eye on how much thread is on the bobbin and also to change the bobbin.
Now as time marches on and that 'new possession' feeling wears away I might take a pair of scissors to the mat and cut a slot from the punched hole out over the bobbin cover, not much as it might catch, but it's a thought. Yes the mat is trimable, in fact its suggested that you trim the mat to the size of your machine bed but as I want to show the group the gloves and mat on Wednesday I have kept my mat intact,.... so far!

Now if you have good hand strength neither of these products are probably necessary in your life, but with reduced hand strength anything that helps to cut down on drag and friction can only be a good thing.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gum Tree Designers Wonderful Australian Designers....... sharing

I've been driven nuts lately, oh all right, nuttier, by a countdown button on several of my fave blog sites, a countdown button in days, minutes, seconds - until the world of blogging goes nutty, as curious as I was I couldn't find an answer but now is all revealed.

The ever generous Jenny of Elefantz had a dream, to bring other Australian Designers, some well know, some just emerging, all under one umbrella, or if you prefer, the one gum tree, to offer their own original designs to download free. yep FREE..... and that dream has become a reality.
Starting on Monday 5th October and every Monday thereafter for 9 weeks there will be a free Christmas themed design available for free download.

Now if that isn't generous enough, just to get the ball rolling, so to speak, each designer has a giveaway on her own blog, now gals I'm not talking something small here, you should read the list of yummos each designing blogger is giving away, they will blow you away!

So grab a coffee, two choccies, one for you - one for me, and go for it. Click on the link to join the crowd under a Gum Tree and knock yourself out.
......actually, on second thoughts, use caution, just do it gently or you may end up suffering from a creativity overload. ..........I kid you not!

And when I can fix it, the button will be in our sidebar, but I just couldn't wait to share this wonderful new site with you all.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Don't Look Now - Free Tutorials and Inspiration

The talented Kellie from Don't look now! at
has some inspiring free tutorials on her blog, two of which are these cushions.

Kellie also had some exciting news to share, she will be visiting the Angel next year in March! Kellie mentions on her blog that two of her quilts, Meg's Garden and Oh Christmas Tree are visiting Patchwork Angel over the next month, just gotta find some time to go drool over those.

As some of you know, it is quite common for bloggers to have 'give aways' to celebrate anniversaries of blogging or a certain number of hits. Kellie has just had such a give away, but not for her the usual pattern or small item, no, Kellie gave away a quilt! Yep, thats right, a quilt, a very beautiful quilt too.

Ohh how lovely to have won, but not to be, Anna from Thimbleanna, won, talk about excited!, pop on over for a visit and while you are there, make sure you have a look at Anna's idea of the perfect way to get the ironing done.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Leah Day - Free Motion Quilting, Videos and Designs

Stumbled upon this rather brilliant blog by Leah Day with Free motion Videos and designs.
Leah has a project, to create a new free motion quilting design every day for a whole year.
So far she is up to Day 27 - Lightning Bolt,
You can catch up with Leah here, ,
now I have not had time to look at every days design so far. but they all seem to have a tutorial video, clear concise and easy to follow.
Each days post has a difficulty level, an explanation on directional texture and suggestions for use.

This site is a wonderful tool for anyone wanting to learn Free Motion quilting. I've got myself some sandwiched homespun and I'm off to practice day one here at
Will show you my results at next weeks meeting, may even post a pic or two on the blog.

Narelle Grieve

Sad news in an e-mail from Scquilter Michelle Watters.

Narelle Grieve, who had been ill for many months, passed away in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Narelle was a well know tutor and quilter, her quilts were in many shows and magazines. She was a past President of the Quilters' Guild of N.S.W.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Narelle, but have always admired her work and from time to time got a giggle out of some of her stories.

Erica Spinks has a lovely tribute and story about Narelle on her blog, Creative Dabbling at

Sew Inspirational has Narelles Profile on their site here for anyone who may be interested to learn more of this wonderful lady

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A small day..

Well, it may have been only a very small group at the meeting today but we had an absolutely delicious afternoon tea and two quilts for show and tell, not to mention all the goodies that are being worked on.
Betty has finished the lovely pink pastel knee rug for her Grandie, it was such a hit that the younger lass decided that she would like one to please Gran, and there are some beautiful lillys being 'needle painted' by some of the ladies who also are members of the needlework group.

Jackie made this King Size, yep, very large, quilt for her daughters bed. A beautifully soft quit with lovely soft machine quilting by Judy from Furball Quilting

Janice had this red and achromatic quilt as you go almost finished, just a few inches of the binding and then all done.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Row x Row reveal and Christmas Stars

The ever industrious Wendy took it to mind that a wall hanging wasn't quite the way to go with our Christmas fabric, last week we had all decided to elect Wendy to make the wall hanging for us, but she has come up with a different idea, Christmas Stars!

Wendy arrived with a big bag full of all the supplies necessary, every little obstacle we met, into the bag dived Wen to pull out a gizmo/gadget/solution to our problem. There was no escape!
So here's our table, making little pointy bits to turn into stars, Wendy ever so kindly cutting out the templates to keep us well supplied while the rest of the group tacked down the fabric, creating lovely neat little points, ohh and Wen, did you know there are 32 of those little pointy foldy corners on each star? hmmm?
Here is a better view of those beautiful freesias grown by Marguerite, took the pic at end of day, the tablecloth had been put away so Fran popped one of her hexagons underneath, makes such a pretty pic. Thanks Fran.
Marguerite showing off her first little pointy piece, with Fran busily stitching to the side.

Thankfully, err, unfortunately Janet then called us all to the front for our Row x Row reveal, gosh it was exciting, each row was laid across the table in the order they were made with our own row at the top.

Janet had said how pleased she was with how my log cabin row had turned out, so I jumped the gun, and pulled mine out for the first reveal, (not a very patient puss at times is me!). It is fabulous! Beautiful! Wonderful! After much ooohing and ahhing, and with a bit of a grin, popped it back into it's little baggie and grabbed the camera in time to bring you this feast of rows.

Barbara's rows were the next to be unveiled, Barbara does the most beautiful and neat blanket stitch and for her row gave us appliqued little yellow chicks set off by one little brown chic.
For Barbara's rows, Janet did the Flower Pots, Andrea the disappearing 9 patch with one of the 9 patch squares being a 9 patch, Heather did the stars on point, Lyn the Flying Geese and Wendy did the Log Cabin with the cute little apple centers.

Heather's rows were next, she started her rows with houses interspersed with pine trees.
Lyn appliqued flowers and set the blocks on point, Wendy sashed her 9 patches to form a secondary pattern, Barbara appliqued the moon and stars, Janet did the cunning combination of flying and loose geese with one side of the geese background forming a pinwheel and Andrea did the log cabin fence.

Lyn's rows were next to be revealed, she had chosen a Christmas theme for her quilt, starting us off with a row of Christmas trees,
Wendy followed with the appliqued holly and berries, Barbara did a double row of 9 patch, Janet the very cute Santa Stars, Andrea the geese flying in to decorate the tree and Heather the courthouse steps variation of log cabin with centers of Hellebore or Christmas Roses.

We then had Janet's rows, Janet also wanted a Christmas quilt and started us off with angels, wrapped presents, and a Christmas tree.
Andrea followed the theme with Appliqued poinsettia wreaths, candles and a central bowl of Hellebore, Heather's 9 patch made use of some HST's in the 9 patch blocks to form a secondary chevron pattern, Lyn did the varied star blocks, one of which she found in a net search with her surname, how cool! Wendy's flying geese row made a delightful row of Christmas trees and Barbara finished the rows off with appliqued Christmas themes in the center of her log cabins.

The last rows to be revealed were Wendy's, gosh, wasn't she patient to wait to the end?
Wendy started us off with a row of applique crazy patch hearts interspersed with appliqued flowers.
Barbara pieced hexagon 'Grandmas Flower Garden' blocks, Janet put a twist on the 9 patch theme with appliqued squares forming a secondary pattern, Andrea did a row of assorted star blocks, Heather did the most intricate flying geese and only after starting, realised just how many of those little suckers she was going to have to make and Lyn gave gave us a new variation on Folded log cabin blocks with an applique center.

Missed taking pics of my rows at the cottage, so here the are on our back deck, My row was inspired by a border on Kirsten Duncan's quilt, 'Blessing' to which I added rows of half hexagons to form well, hexagons actually. Done the easy way.
Heather followed the embroidery idea with beautiful appliqued flowers and Suffolk puffs, Lyn alternated the 9 patch with rails, a very cute idea, Wendy pieced piles of HST's to give me the Star blocks, Barbara chose a pink paisley to make the flying geese with the sweet stripped sashing, and Janet made the wonderful log cabin hearts. What made these blocks more of a challenge, a majority of the fabric used was from a Jelly Roll.

We all thoroughly enjoyed this swap and everyone was very pleased with their rows. The second group in the swap has 7 swappers, so they will have their reveal in 6 weeks time.

Show and Tell gave us more goodies to feast our eyes, with Lyn showing us her finished appliqued table runner, she is now off to make the table cloth to go under the runner, whew, that will be a big job.
New member Ja` showed a cot quilt that she made and donated to Janet for her babies charity.
And last piccie of the day, a 'get well' plant for someone we all miss and wish a speedy recovery and return to our group. Hope you are back with us soon Maureen.
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