Friday, September 27, 2013

Thursday night.......................

Jane B made this quilt in a morning - or something like that!!!

Denise wearing her baubles!!

Jackie doing her librarian thing..

There was a man amongst us - doing his brain exercises..........

Sue worked on her GTASB quilt.....................

Letitia was multi tasking......................

Jane and her half inch hexies.....................

I wonder where Jane has just been to recently???

More 1/2" hexies - all packed neatly - must belong to Debs....................

I think this belongs to Leanne - her GTASB quilt.......

And I apologise for not knowing who this belongs to.......................

Marlene put the left over doilies to good use - the doilies were embroidered by a lady a long time ago...........

.................... a close up of some the embroidery on the doilies.

Yola's needle turn applique.................

Beautiful EPP by Helen...................

Hand piecing Aunt Grace - Jenny's work...................

Sue's pretty "stuff"

Tisha's very, very cute snowman quilt...................

very cute.................................

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A new Quilting Year begins...

Our A.G.M. yesterday, and there was some great ideas floating around for projects to add to that ever growing 'gotta do that' list that every quilter seems to have stored away in her mind.
Lorraine certainly created some enthusiasm with her matching quilting tool carriers.
 When pressed to 'volunteer' to present a workshop on them she assured us that all you had to do was measure your rulers etc add an inch, fold and add a button.....oh yeah, add have someone handy with a saw to cut a piece of MDF to keep your square ruler, well, square actually, no chips, cracks or broken bits as the MDF protects the ruler.
Lorraine also designed pockets at the bottom of the mat carrier to take a small square, a 12" rule and a 24" rule.

Beryl was asked to complete this quilt for the Hibiscus Villages charity quilts.  It will be donated to one of the worthy charities here on the Sunshine Coast.
A simple design of strip pieced blocks, Beryl has pulled the colours together nicely by adding the bright green and lemon sashing and binding.

Val has yet another commission underway, a pair of Memory Quilts for a Grandad and Grandmum sadly separated by ill health.  Val has incorporated lots of family pics in what will be two very special lap quilts.

Last pic of the day is of an unfinished baby quilt from Lorraine.
 whaat? unfinished?, yep, no label!
 It's for a little bub who is due to make his/her arrival in the very near future!
Lorraine made this quilt in a day, combining 'I Spy' fabrics and a Disappearing Nine Patch design using red in the center square.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A few projects from the Wednesday Gals

Definitely been feeling a bit Sgt. Schultz the past few weeks (months), you know how it goes,

'I know nuuthing, no thing'   Turns out that there have been big problems with the lap top, not just the user <g>/
Anyway, lots of lost pics but a few from last week were saved on the phone, so without further ado (whinging) here they are!

A few weeks back Marcia decided it was time to trim the scrap stash, she unearthed a great Q.A.Y.G. String Quilt tutorial, of which there are quite a few of this method, and she started a craze (challenge) which is gathering in a lot of participants within the group, Gals lugging their machines along to meetings (thank Heavens we have enough bibs and bobs group equipment, so that mats, rulers and cutters don't have to make the journey.
 Fabric choice is....there is no choice! (except if your name is Fae),  and the block size is variable.

Lorraine, who is always looking for a way to use scraps decided to participate and got a real head start on the rest of us by taking Fae up on her offer of handing Lorraine fabric strips to be fed into the maw of Lorraine's  machine, everything was going swimmingly with the 'Assistant' working hard and blocks  being assembled at a great rate of knots, then things started to slow up, the problem was the Assistant had decided to 'fussy choose' the strips, and could be seen delving through the stash looking for a perfect match! It was about this point that the Assistant decided that Assistants should be paid and the Head Stitcher decided (in about half a second flat) that perhaps 'Slave' was a better job description!
Anyway, whatever way you choose to go the quilt is a stunner -and as you can see, Lorraine even gave credit to her 'Slave' on the quilt label, and to Marcia for her great directions of course.

Our next story is amazing, although it is one that you hear of occasionally in the quilt world.  Quite some years back - and there is '35yrs' in the notes, but is that 'started 35yrs ago', Aunty passed '35 yrs ago', or handed to Wendy '35yrs ago'???...
Wendy's Aunty passed on and her Daughter, Wendy's cuz gave her some fabric and one completed block that Mum had been working on, well Wendy had it in her UFO pile for awhile, just couldn't get excited about the one finished block.  Recently, digging around in the pile Wendy unearthed the block and fabric and bought it along to the group for some inspiration.  It was suggested she change the 'flower' center from the printed fabric to the background fabric, Voila! with a flourish Wendy has completed the 3 blocks, hand quilted  them and added some feature quilting in a heavier thread around each 'flower'.  This stunning runner will be re-gifted back to her cuz.  Don't you just love a successful UFO story?!

Estelle bought along another table runner for our enjoyment, this one was made especially for her Dining Table at a class held at Maleny Magic Patchwork and Quilts in our beautiful Hinterland.
Now we are pretty spoiled here on the Sunshine Coast, so much to do, so much to enjoy and one of the Calendar highlights is the Buderim Garden Festival as well as Garden Walks where 7 home owners of the Buderim Garden Club  throw open their gardens to the public for their enjoyment, there is also a Flower show held at the Buderim War Memorial Hall, just across the lawn from our Cottage and of course a wonderful Sculptured Garden Exhibition hosted by our Pottery Group,  all held around the same weekend!
What has all this fascinating info got to do with quilts and our quilting group I hear you ask....well, let me tell you!
Estelle has been asked to display her beautiful quilt 'Buderim Blooms', that we saw at our recent Quilt Show, in the foyer of the War Memorial Hall for the Buderim Flower Show! Yay! Congrats Estelle.

Lyn shared 2 fiercely frolicking dragons with us, wall hangings for 2 of her grandies, the only request was......'some pink please', reckon there are 2 very happy little lassies out there, both wall hangings will tie in with one completed and one soon to be completed bed quilt.
 And lastly, just because it makes my heart happy, here is a 'Raspberry' for you from the World #1 raspberry blower, and, let me tell you, he is pretty smart at wrapping those Raspberry Lips around his little piggies!     New Trick Grandma!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Helen's trunk show

What an interesting trunk show, Helen had quilts, bags, teddies, fabrics and stories to share with us.
The photographer on the night was not feeling well!!!!! unfortunately all Helen's beautiful bags were not photographed.
Enjoy her trunk show!

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