Monday, July 18, 2011

Part 4 TREE-mendous Quilt Show 2011

Opening time - day one...lookin' good! and not just the quilts!
'Lawn Hill'
"Lorraine Carthew came to the Cottage for one of her fabulous workshops.  This one was creating landscapes using fabric to 'paint' the picture.  Hundreds of tiny little pieces were cut and arranged to create a 'photo' of a favourite scene.
This one from a recent holiday to Lawn Hill National Park.
Machine quilted in varigated thread to add highlights to the design".

'Never Ending Quilt'
"This is a Wedding Ring Quilt, 14" rings, 8 rows x 8 = 64 rings.
My friend Katie and I decided we would like to make a wedding ring quilt each, so on the 6/4/05 we went fabric shopping and found this fabric in the last shop at Indooroopilly.  We both were very happy with our purchases and drove home.  8 months later I said "Katie I think we should start our quilts or we may never finish them".  So we started meeting every fortnight, except during the holidays.  We cut fabric, read instructions, drank lots of tea, a glass of wine here and there over 6 years! giggled a lot and our quilts started to come alive.  My son Josh actually named this Quilt "The Never Ending Quilt".  He saw the fabric when I purchased it, we saw 100's of pieces of cut fabric in my sewing room and then he went overseas for nearly five years.  Before he left he cheekily said "Gee Mum it looks like this could be the never ending quilt the way your going"!  Josh returned home twice over this period for a week or two and it became a bit of a joke about my Never Ending Quilt.  Even on Skype he would ask "How's the Never Ending Quilt going Mum?!!"
Anyway I was determined to have it finished by the time he returned home but no, it wasn't quite finished.  Then Katie found her receipt with the date we purchased the fabric and I said right, I'm finishing it before 6/4/11 and the Never Ending Quilt was finished two weeks before this date.  I machine pieced the quilt.  I wanted to do some trapunto in the rings for a different effect so our lovely friend Gwen showed me how to do that which ended up being a very big job.  I hand quilted the whole quilt and I loved stitching every stitch.

"I found the quilt design in 2009 whilst looking through the February 2007 Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.  The quilt was designed by Rachelle Denneny and it caught my eye as it was in my favourite colours of pink and green, green being the most predominant colour.
Anybody who knows me knows that I especially love pink, so as I wanted this to be the predominant colour, I swapped pink for green in the pattern and added my other favourite colour - cream.  I love the 'olde worlde' look of the design with the 'Dresden Plate as the quilt centre, hence the name 'Nostalgia".  The quilt is machine pieced and I found the Seminole border especially challenging but very rewarding.
My quilt has been quilted by Fiona Bell, 'the Quilting Fairy' and after the quilt show will take pride of place in our bedroom, along with the matching pillow shams and cushions that I have made to go with it.

'Life is a Celebration'
This quilt was a block of the month in the Homespun Magazine last year.  I loved the blocks because each of them were about something in my life that was important to me".

'Funny Farm'
"Design by June Gilchrist.  Made for a great grand daughter (not mine)
Applique and piecing by machine."

'Just Go For It'
"A quilt made for a display in the Shoalhaven Art Gallery at Nowra.  My thoughts were 'If its to be 'arty' just go for it and do something out of the square".  The fabric told me how to do the quilt.
I designed it, machine pieced and machine quilted by owner, with some trial and error.

"The quilt is a combination of hand stitched and machine pieced blocks.  The flower pattern was taken from a really OLD book borrowed from a friend.  The flowers were appliqued with blanket stitch by hand and the rest of the quilt just evolved from there.
It was completed in November 2010 after many years left sitting in the cupboard unfinished, waiting for the final border.
Machine quilted with additional hand quilting around the flowers".

'The First Dream'
"Joining the patchwork group to be with friends, I was pressured after sometime to start "something" rather than just chatting.
Not being a needlework, or crafty person, I was handed materials and designs by Desrae, my mentor, to make a cushion, which was rather daunting.
However, 3 cushions later, the thrill of the challenges and the pleasant outcome I decided to turn the work into a quilt!
Playing with colours and choosing patterns from the book 'Baltimore Bouquets' by Mimi Dietrich and designing my own patterns became a joyful and relaxing time.
The final quilting design on the border was worked by Rosemary, a professional machine quilter, giving the quilt a rather romantic touch.

photo courtesy of Janet.
"750 Suffolk Puffs using 1930's fabric. 
My first love is crazy patchwork.  It's a very intense, very complicated and very beautiful form of patchwork.  Every now and again I like to do something mindless and I just sit and make endless Suffolk puffs.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Part 3 TREE-mendous Quilt Show 2011

A peek around the corner from the Atrium showing more beautiful quilts and floral arrangements. 
A big thank you to Inge for her 'garden trimmings' (I kid you not! garden trimmings is what she calls the swathes of greenery and blooms bought along to brighten our quilt show, arranged with help from her daughter Betty.)

'Please No More Grapes'
"Bought the pattern at the "Quilting Bee" about 14 years ago.  Also paid to have it traced and sandwiched and started quilting at a great pace but really tired hen I got to the bunches of grapes.
Re-commenced this year.
Washed twice to get the many years of flotsam and jetsam from it.

'Hexicans in Japanese Prints'
"This is a hexagon design I copied from Jenny at Patchwork Angel and machine pieced it in Japanese Prints.
The quilt was machine quilted by Fiona the Quilting Fairy"

'Dresden Delight'
"I finally got around to making a Dresden Plate Design Quilt!
I chose my favourite colours of Blues and Greens in some very pretty fabrics.
The plates are needle turned and the quilting has been done by hand".

'Tiffany Owls'
very prettily displayed on our Lyn Ballinger quilt stand perpetual trophy! so how did you score that one Lainey??
"My niece rang to tell me that she was having another baby and that the new nursery was Tiffany blue and owls.  As I am her favourite quilting aunt she wanted to give me plenty of warning for the new baby quilt. 
What on earth is Tiffany blue??
I'd never heard of it either so onto the web and looked up Tiffany and Co in Ney York and found their website is a pretty aqua colour.  Hopefully this is what Meredith means by Tiffany blue, 'cos that is what she is going to get. 
P.S. I was given 7 months notice, I think I heard before the grandmother".

'Don't Bug Me'
"Cute and colourful.  Ideal Boys quilt.  Can you count how many bugs there are?

'Xmas Around the World'
"This quilt was made with my daughter Samantha for the wonderful man in her life whilst she was courting, he in Sydney and she on the Sunshine Coast.
She wanted to bring some Xmas Joy, in July to her darling man, and piecing the quilt made the whole household joyous.
It brought together the traditional design and the newer colour wash techniques.
The design comes from a colour wash class I did, with the famous Yan Pring in 1996 in the northern suburbs of Sydney.  This design, is taken from the book, Colourwash Quilts, by Yan Pring and published by Express Publications 1995
It has been machine pieced using the strip piecing technique used in Yan's book and machine stippled on an old Singer treadle sewing machine born in the 1930's.
There are 9 different Xmas theme fabrics rescued from a Xmas stast, and very fine cotton wadding has been used so the quilt can be used as a table throw as well as a wall hanging".
'Dr. Seuss Strikes Again'
"This is an Eye Spy quilt made for a child's bed.  I loved all of the Dr. Seuss books as did my children and when I saw the fabric I could not resist.
However all my children are too old for this quilt so it is for sale.
It has been machine pieced.
I had it machine quilted by Carmen Brown".

'Blue Harmony'
Machine pieced, appliqued centre panel.
The fabric for this quilt was given to me by my daughter-in-law as a birthday gift.
Professionally machine quilted"

'Friendship Quilt'
"Fabric given by friend Jayne.
Blocks by friends of the "Bossy Stitchers" group.
Made and machine quilted by me
Hand quilted by friend Gwen"

"I had a bundle of beautiful Japanese fabrics in my stash for awhile and not wanted to cut into them.
Val ran a workshop on tessellations and I suddenly had the inspiration for my lovely fabrics.

'Patchwork Coat'

"This coat was started at a workshop at the Craft Cottage.
The coat was eventually completed with the help of Sue 3 years later.
All my favourite colours are in the coat.

'All that Jazz'
"Having some left over 6" blocks from another project, I decided just to add some borders.
I love red, black and white.
The musical fabrics makies the piece look very unique.
Machine pieced
Quilted by Judy of Furball Farm"

'Cat Antics'
Photo courtesy of Janet
"What a relief being able to use up small scraps of materials and mini pieces, through a book called Cat Craft Collection by Better Homes and Gardens.
Using their designs and some of my own ideas was great fun.  The cats seemed to become life like with their own personalities and antics, which are much loved by the children".

Friday, July 15, 2011

Part 2 -TREE-mendous Quilt Show 2011

Some more pics of the fabulous quilts on show at our recent quilt show held at the Buderim Craft Cottage in Buderim....there will be more pics to follow...  ;)
Firstly, courtesy of Janet, one of the views of the Atrium as you entered the Cottage for our show.

'Japanese Quilt'
"A combined project with Mooloolah Quilters.
Machine Pieced and quilted.
Ditch quilted by friend Elena from Mooloolah Quilters.

Seasons of the Moon
A stunning wall hanging by Janet, the pic doesn't do it justice, machine appliqued curved piecing.

Two completely different wall hangings both named 'Migration'
"When I saw this pattern in a book it attracted me because I saw it as representing ideas that when separating from their original base acquire a slightly different look in their new context, and that can evolve into something quite different.  'Migration' seems a suitable title with the lines of quilting representing the gradual disssemination of ideas throughout the community.
Machine and hand pieced and hand quilted by me'.

"This small wall hanging is a Caryl Bryer Fallert pattern.  Paper piecing was used for the flying geese and the birds were machine appliqued and it was machine quilted".

Gwenyth (Gwen)
'Catch a Falling Star'
"Commenced about 12 years ago in a class with Lessa Siegle.  Just loved the making of the stars but I was 'a little' more tardy when it came to assembling and finishing it - Just finished."

'Friendship Baskets of Love'
"Friendship quilt with Nowra Quilters.  My request was, baskets on point, embroidered or appliqued in blue (as per colour swatch).
When they came back my decision was how to put them together.  I love the fact that all the different personalities show up in the blocks.  People that were different or quite gentle.  Just love it.  Hand made baskets by friends.  Machine pieced by myself and  machine quilted by myself.

'What's Under the Sea'
"I started this 6 years ago at least when my daughter was making a bag so I thought I would too.
Too good for a bag so I thought I would make a bed spread for "my old age" room.
No, it' won't wash very well
Runner and pillow the way to go.
Made and quilted by me.
Joanne still hasn't finished hers."
  (Tsk June, you dobber you   :)   -A)

'Bits and Pieces'
"Made from scraps left over from my great niece......(Great Niece's quilt?)
Machine quilted."

Cushion behind quilt
"I hand dyed the fabric, then hand appliqued and machine quilted".

'Magical Maze'
"Originally this was a wall hanging but somehow it seemed to grow into a Quilt.
It is machine pieced
The design is from Christine Porter's Tessellation Book.
The quilting is done by Fiona from The Quilting Fairy".

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TREE-mendous Quilt Show a tremendous success...

Wow, what a wonderful quilt show the girls put on, with many fantastic quilts both on display and for sale. Apart from the months/years of stitching, quilting and creating there is all the hard work of presenting the show...folks up ladders, discussions and decisions to be made, buckets and buckets of floral arrangements to be created and displayed as well as the hanging of all those lovely quilts...these are just a few pics of the many quilters and their families who worked so hard to create a wonderful atmosphere and quilt show.
...and these pics show a little of what it is all about, a Gran and her Grandies with the quilts she created for them.

And so to begin the journey through the many wonderful quilts that were on display..

"Kelmscott is a William Morris quilt designed by Michele Hill. 
The blocks are hand appliqued using William Morris designed fabric where possible.

The knot borders are machine appliqued.
This has been a twelve month project which I have enjoyed doing.  It has been quilted on my domestic sewing machine".  $900.

'Girlfriend Wisdom' (Red Hat Ladies)
"Yes, seven years ago I started this. 
Gathered fabric and three years later finished it.
To use all my material  it's just grown and grown.
I had it quilted this year for the Quilt Show by Furball Farm Quilting".

'Pretty in Pink'
"Have combined the traditional nine square patch with appliqued hearts and a frilly border in shades of pink for my expected grandaughter.
Machine pieced and hand and machine quilted".

'First Stack and Slash'
"One of my first completed efforts!!
In 2010 I attended a Saturday workshop with Penny at the Patchwork Angel showing how to do a Stack and Slash, using machine piecing. 
I loved these pretty fabrics and decided to highlight each block with gold once I arrived home. 
It's also my firsT attempt at quilting by hand and machine".

'Spinning Tops'

"This Pinwheel quilt made from an idea of 9 very old designs when women used up scraps to make warm quilts for beds in winter.
I love scrap quilts and wanted to make one for my grand-daughters 21st birthday.
By using the pinwheel design I was able to use a large amount of my STASH as I endeavoured not to use any fabric more than once.
Her favourite colours are urple and green so I added the borders and backing in those colours.  The quilt is machine pieced and was machine quilted by Fiona Bell".

Hmmm....interesting - not.....for some reason blogger will only load one pic...over and over ladies this is the end of part one of our quilt show..part two to follow as soon as I work out what is going on. A

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